(55 Attending) The Los Angeles Flyout @ KLAX - 091700ZDEC18


I will take
12A Southwest KRNO B737


I will take gate 45 AA A321 to KPHL.


Please put me down for T3 gate 30 to KMIA in an a319 callsign DLVA34. Thank you!

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Can I have gate 37A, Delta 752 -> KDTW


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Can I get T2 gate 23 delta KLAX-CYVR in a B738 please.
It’s not listed up there but it’s a real flight


I’ll take this flight, but would you mind changing the arrival destination to be RJTT instead, thank you :)

Oh wait, I can just add myself which I just did, Regular Power ;)

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Can I get 31B to KLAS In the Delta ERJ-175, thanks!


Gate 31B is yours!

Hope to see you at the event :)

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I’ll take 31A!



Would love to join. I’ll take 17B to OAK, thanks!


Ay so I would like T2 Gate 28 to kmsp. Call sign is delta 288 heavy. Thanks! See you in the air!


Hello, I’ll be representing for UPS Virtual
May I please have:
Imperial Cargo Terminal
Dest: KDFW
Callsign: UPS 81
Thank you.


I will take the gate to Zurich please


I’ll have gate 74 (assuming I can make it)


You can edit yourself in ;)


Lol just saw that. Thanks 😂

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Flight to Zurich is yours Daniel :)

TBIT Gate 157!


Thank you! See you then

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could I have TBIT 156 to EDDF? Callsign lufthansa 575 super.


Sign me up for FedEx to EWR :)