(55 Attending) The Los Angeles Flyout @ KLAX - 091700ZDEC18

The Second Ever Los Angeles Flyout


Why Los Angeles International?

I personally think it would be cool to have a event at the most busiest airspace on Infinite Flight. LAX also offers beautiful Californian scenery that will amaze your very own eyes. Los Angeles also offers more airlines than any other West Coast airport does. This gives you so many options to fly in and out of LAX.

Event Information

Date and Time of Event: December 9, 2018 6:00 PM

Server: Expert

Airport: KLAX

About this Event

This event is a Flyout style event. This means you will not be flying on an established route. Instead, you will chose a gate and with a pre-selected destination. If you wish to change the destination, please just ask!

Please Note

  • As this will be a big flyout event, please act professional and be realistic. This means no cutting in line, Spamming KLAX Unicom, and taxing dangerously close to another aircraft. You do not want to ruin other pilots experience and fun, do you?

  • You will be responsible for your own flight plan and fuel. Feel free to check out #tutorials if you need any help with any of these. I recommend using fpltoif.com for creating a professional flight plan.

  • To request one of the hundred gates available, just reply with the gate you would like and destination. If you can’t find the destination you are looking for, just simply reply with what gate you want and the destination. If you would like to change an airline and destination out of TBIT, also just let me know via replying. All destinations and airlines must serve KLAX and must be realistic.

Commercial Gates

Terminal 1
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
9 @QFA_12 Southwest KABQ B737
11A @Plane-Train-TV Southwest KBWI B738
11B Southwest KDAL B737
12A @Travis_rice Southwest KRNO B737
12B Southwest KSMF B738
13 @Luke_Sta Southwest KPHX B737
14 @Swiftlings_17 Southwest KLAS B738
15 Southwest KPDX B737
16 @Kevinsoto1502 Southwest KDAL B738
17A @BigBert10 Southwest KSJC B737
17B Southwest KOAK B737
18A @HadenJohnson Southwest KBNA B737
18B @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 Southwest KMDW B738
Terminal 2
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
21 @Sebastian9915 Delta KAUS A319
22 Delta PHOG B752
23 Delta KCVG B738
24A @Sammy_Droubi WestJet CYVR B737
25 @Dylan_M Delta KJFK A321
26 Delta LFPG A332
27 @Gavin_cx Virgin Atlantic EGLL B789
28 @Elliott_Ewell Delta KMSP B738
Terminal 3
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
30 @Delta319 Delta KMIA A319
31A @mac104 Delta KATL B752
31B Delta KLAS E175
32 Delta KSFO B738
33A Delta KSEA B738
33B @Michael_Czyz Delta KPHX E175
34 Delta PHNL A321
35 Delta KSAN CRJ2
36 Delta KTUS E175
37A @langer00am Delta KDTW B752
37B Delta KRDU B738
38 @SirMarkieMark Delta KTPA B752
39 Delta KSLC A321
Terminal 4
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
40 American KATL B738
41 @Tajay American PHNL A321
42A @SimpleWaffles American RJTT B789
42B American KDEN A321
43 American ZSPD B789
45 @Kate_Russell American KPHL A321
46A American KCMH A320
46B American KJFK A321
46C American KBOS A321
47A American KDCA A321
47B American KMIA A321
48A American KMCO B738
48C @esant_15 American KCLT A321
49A American KPHX A321
49B American KBDL B738
Terminal 5
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
50A American PHLI A321
50B American PHOG A321
51 Allegiant KEUG A320
52A American KSAN CRJ7
52B American KMSY B738
53 Frontier KDEN A320
54A Spirit KLAS A321
54B Spirit KIAH A321
55 Hawaiian PHLI B763
56 Spirit KCLE A320
57 Hawaiian PHNL B763
58 JetBlue KFLL A321
59 @757fan JetBlue KJFK A321
Terminal 6
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
60 Alaska KGEG B738
61 @Jbyron88 Air Canada CYVR A321
62 Alaska KDCA B738
63 @Tucker_Ryan Alaska KSFO A320
64 Alaska MMSD A320
65A @EthanT2 Alaska KSEA B738
65B Alaska KEWR A320
66 Alaska KPDX B738
67 Alaska KBWI B739
68A Alaska KJFK A320
68B Air Canada CYYZ B789
69A Alaska KDAL A320
69B @PedroG Air Canada CYYC A320
Terminal 7
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
70A @Tnel United KSFO A320
70B United KPSP CRJ2
71A @Tyler_Efthim United KSAN CRJ2
71B United KIAD B752
72 @Ecurr1996 United KIAH B789
73 @Kamryn United PHTO B739
74 @DiamondGaming4 United YMML B789
75A United KEWR B752
75B @den.aviation United KDEN B738
76 @Plnelovr United KSBA CRJ2
77 United WSSS B789
Terminal 8
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
80 United KCOS CRJ2
81 United KSAT E175
82 United KMRY CRJ2
83 United KSBP CRJ2
84 United KRNO CRJ2
85 United KMFR E175
86 @Trumpeteerjones United KSMF E175
87 United KSLC E175
88 United KBZN CRJ2
Domestic Remote Gates
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
52A American KTUS CRJ7
52B American KEUG CRJ7
52C American CYVR CRJ9
52D American KOKC E175
52E @Harry5 American KSFO CRJ7
52F American KOMA CRJ7
52G American KRNO CRJ7
52H American KSJC CRJ7
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
130 Singapore Airlines RKSI or RJAA B77W
131 Cathay Pacific VHHH B77W
132 @Darpan Qatar Airways OTHH B77L
134 Turkish Airlines LTBA B77W
135 Viva MMGL A320
137 Volaris MXXX A320
141 Avianca SKBO A319
148 @Pilotcorn09 Qantas YSSY A380
150 @JKP Korean Air RKSI A380
151 Copa Airlines MPTO B738
152 @Lucas_Piedra British Airways EGLL A380
153 @sam2875 Qantas YBBN B789
154 Emirates OMDB A380
155 @Captain_JR All Nippon Airways RJTT B77W (Generic Livery)
156 @anon87102400 Lufthansa EDDF A380
157 @Daniel14 Swiss LSZH B77W
159 Air New Zealand NZAA B77W
International Remote Gates
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
206 Norwegian ENGM B789
207 WOW Air BIKF A332
208 @Cwilliams21 Virgin Australia YBBN B77W
209 @VAnuj Air Tahiti Nui NTAA B789
210 Air France LFPG A380
214 Air China ZBAA B789
216 LOT EPWA B789
218 Aeroflot UUEE B77W

Cargo and General Aviation

Imperial Cargo
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
1 CargoLux PANC B74F
2 LAN Cargo MMGL B77F
3 Atlas Air EDDP B744
4 China Southern ZBAA B77F
5 Lufthansa EDDF MD11
10 @Playr_Mar UPS KDFW MD11
FedEx Cargo
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
1 FedEx KONT MD11
2 FedEx KMEM MD11
3 @Kevinsoto1502 FedEx KEWR MD11
4 FedEx KIND MD11
5 FedEx KOAK MD11
6 FedEx PHNL MD11
7 FedEx KCVG MD11
8 @Clocktapus FedEx PANC MD11
9 @JerseyAnt FedEx RJAA MD11
10 FedEx KORD MD11
11 @Wesely FedEx KEWR MD11
12 FedEx KPDX MD11
13 @Trevor_A FedEx KGEG MD11
General Aviation
Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
GAT 1 Citation X
GAT 2 TBM-930
GAT 3 Citation X
GAT 4 TBM-930
GAT 5 Citation X
GAT 6 TBM-930
GAT 7 Citation X
GAT 8 TBM-930
GAT 9 Citation X
GA 10 C172
GA 11 C172
GA 12 SR22
GA 13 SR22

A Couple Reminders

  • On the day of the event, I will announce takeoff runways and departure procedures for your reference

  • Please be courteous to others. Don’t be the inpatient pilot who cant wait 3 minutes because another aircraft has pushed behind you

  • Please try to spawn 15-20 minutes before the event time so we can take amazing pictures

  • Remember this date: December 9, 2018 6:00 PM

If you have any questions about this event, please don’t hesitate to ask below of send me a Private Message. I will try to answer as soon as I can. I cant wait to see everyone fill up KLAX!

Photo Sources

Top Photo: http://newsrepublica.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/fake-shooting-rumors-at-LAX-international-airport.jpg
Bottom Photo: http://www.airportspotting.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/LosAngeles-LAX.jpg

I have been given permission by @VAnuj to use this format. Thank you!


Great event! LAX is my home airport.


Southwest 2082

You know my destination

Aircraft I want to change to a B737 instead of a B738



I should have already put you in haha. I purposely put that route in just for you (:


I’ll take the United gate to San Francisco. I’ll just use my United VA callsign which is UVA-148


If you make a klax-kbna I’ll join as that route. If not then put me at ga 12 for c172 as h145nj and ifgac


Thanks @Plane-Train-TV

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I’ll take gate 76, flying to my home airport, KSBA!


May I take FedEX to KGEG


I’ll take gate 148 With Qantas From KLAX - YSSY In the A380 please.



It seems to be interesting, maybe I should go on that …

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Morning I would love to join the fun. G86 united KSMF please!?!?!


Terminal 3 Gate 30
Airbus A321


Wow awesome event! I’ll take 68B to CYYZ.


I’ll take 69B to CYYC, excellent formatting!


If this was on saturday I wouldve joined but I can’t sorry

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Thank you to everyone who has signed up! You are all in!

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Gate 52E to KSFO please!


Sign me up for gate 209!


I will take this gate. Will continue onto Denver.