55-250 or 75-300mm lens


I am planning on buying a new lens for my cannon rebel camera

I currently own a 28-105 mm lens but looking for a new one
Anyone got any suggestions

No polls please

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75-300, honestly don’t know anything about cameras but the 75-300 sounds better


You are probably going to be far from the aircraft, i’d go with 75-300.

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75-300 is better. Zoom is great but never use full 300MM, the image gets super soft. I use the 75-300 right now and I’m happy with it, but there are much better lenses out there if you’re willing to spend a little more. Check out the Tamron or Sigma lenses, they work on Canon.


how much aperture is the 75-300mm

also is it ef-s?

I own the Tamron 70-300 Di VC and it works splendid! I does get a little soft at the 300mm end but otherwise it’s great!

Why the hell are you commenting then?


Definitely the 75-300mm lenses. :)

I would recommend a 75-300, more range but not as sharp as a cannon 55-200 lens. 75-300 is by far, the cheapest option.

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