[53 Attenders][Finished!] San Diego New Year! @ KSAN - 051830JAN19

San Diego New Year!

This is my 3rd ever event! As the New Year will happen only 5 days before, many relatives and travelers will be heading home. San Diego, a well known airport will be busy (expected) that day and more then 100 Aircraft will depart! So let’s have fun on the New Years week and do a Flyout!


Server And Date



January 5, 2019 6:25 PM


Follow ATC/Unicom Instructions // No Escorts // Be Realistic

Requesting A Gate

Please reply below with the Gate only.
If you’d like a different route or aircraft that is in the real world, comments with the Gate, Route And Aircraft. Thanks!


Cargo [4 Gates Left]

Cargo Ramp 02 [FedEx {MD11}] KSAN-KMEM- @Kevinsoto1502
Cargo Ramp 03 [UPS {MD11}] KSAN-KOAK-
Cargo Ramp 04 [FedEx {MD11}] KSAN-KIND-
Cargo Ramp 05 [Lufthansa {MD11}] KSAN-EDDF-
Cargo Ramp 06 [FedEx {MD-11}] KSAN-KSDF- @BadPlane
Cargo Ramp 07 [UPS {MD11}] KSAN-KSDF- @Jeffrey_Varga
More Gates Will Be Added if Needed!

General Aviation [12 Gates Left]

FBO 01 [CCX] KSAN-???-
FBO 02 [CCX] KSAN-???-
FBO 03 [TBM930] KSAN-???-
FBO 04 [CR22] KSAN-???-
FBO 05 [A319] KSAN-???-
FBO 06 [A319] KSAN-???-
Commuter Ramp T01 [TBM930] KSAN-???-
Commuter Ramp T02 [TBM930] KSAN-???-
Commuter Ramp T03 [TBM930] KSAN-???-
Commuter Ramp T04 [CCX] KSAN-???-
Commuter Ramp T05 [CCX] KSAN-???-
Commuter Ramp T06 [CCX] KSAN-???-

More Gates Will Be Added If Needed!

Commercial [6 Gates Left]
Gate 01: [Southwest {737}] KSAN-KSDF- @Asorb
Gate 02: [Southwest Illinois One {737}] KSAN-KLAX- @JacksonAviation
Gate 03: [Southwest {737}] KSAN-KOAK- @Playr_Mar
Gate 04: [Southwest {738}] KSAN-KAUS- @Chase_Copeland
Gate 05: [Southwest {737}] KSAN-KLAS- @iTripReport
Gate 06: [Southwest {738}] KSAN-KSAT- @JeromeJ
Gate 07: [Southwest {738}] KSAN-KDEN- @Joseph007
Gate 08: [Southwest {737}] KPDX-KSAN-KBWI- @Plane-Train-TV
Gate 09: [Southwest {738}] KSAN-KSJC- @BigBert10
Gate 10: [Southwest Desert Gold {737}] KSAN-KDEN- @Luke_Sta
Gate 11: [Alaska {738}] KSAN-PHNL- @Pingu
Gate 12: [Alaska {738}] KSAN-KPDX-
Gate 13: [Alaska {739}] KSAN-MMPR- @ItsBlitz
Gate 14: [Alaska {738}] KSAN-PHOG- @maeyo
Gate 15: [Alaska {738}] KSAN-PHNL- @Boeing797
Gate 16: [Alaska {Q400}] KSAN-KBOI- @Aviation-21
Gate 17: [Alaska {Q400}] KSAN-KGEG- @QFA_12
Gate 18: [Alaska {738}] KSAN-KSEA- @TenMileJones
Gate 19: [Alaska {739}] KSAN-KBOS- @Shadow87645
Gate 20: [Alaska {739}] KSAN-KLAS- @Cargo
Gate 21: [Alaska {739}] KSAN-MMMX- @Swiftlings_17
Gate 22: [British Airways {747}] KSAN-EGLL- @SirMarkieMark
Gate 23: [American {738}] KSAN-KLAX- @WesleyHenrich
Gate 25: [American {738}] KSAN-KDFW- @Kate_Russell
Gate 26: [American {738}] KSAN-KLAS- @CaptainCaybrew
Gate 27: [American {A321}] KSAN-KCLT- @mvh1221
Gate 28: [American {738}] KSAN-KJFK- @Captain_America.us
Gate 29: [American {A321}] KSAN-KSFO- @Tucker_Ryan
Gate 30: [American {A321}] KSAN-KHOU- @BlueAcidball
Gate 31A: [American {CRJ900}] KSAN-KSBA-
Gate 32A: [American {CRJ700}] KSAN-KLAX- @Luke_L
Gate 33: [American {738}] KSAN-KDFW- @savavalentin86
Gate 34: [American {738}] KSAN-KMIA- @Don_King
Gate 35: [Alaska {739}] KSAN-KSJC- @GlobalFlyer1
Gate 36: [Jetblue {A321}] KSAN-KBOS-
Gate 37: [Jetblue {A320}] KSAN-KJFK- @Sebastian9915
Gate 38: [Jetblue {A321}] KSAN-KJFK-
Gate 39: [Delta {A321}] KSAN-KATL- @Jack_H
Gate 40: [Delta {738}] KSAN-KSLC- @Captain_JR
Gate 41: [Delta {738}] KSAN-KDTW- @ClarenceTheAvgeek
Gate 42: [Delta {738}] KSAN-KDTW- @Haifan_Day
Gate 43: [United {738}] KSAN-KSFO- @esant_15
Gate 44: [Sun Country {738}] KSAN-KMSP- @Victor2
Gate 45: [United {739}] KSAN-KHOU- @7405896A
Gate 46: [Aeromexico {738}] KSAN-MMMX- @EchoMikeIndia
Gate 47: [Volaris {A319}] KSAN-MMPR- @samoyed1
Gate 48: [JAL {787}] KSAN-RJAA- @Rishon_R
Gate 49: [Delta {738}] KSAN-KSEA- @Delta319
Gate 50: [Delta {E170}] KSAN-KLAS- @Elliott_Ewell
Gate 51: [Hawaiian {B767}] KSAN-PHNL- @Bryce_D
W01: [Alaska {CRJ700}] KSAN-KFAT -
W02: [Lufthansa {A340}] KSAN-EDDF - @ktaviation
W03: [American {CRJ700}] KSAN-KPHX - @Javian_J
W04: [Delta {CRJ200}] KSAN-KLAX - @JulianQ

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We will be using the Topic for inflight Chat


Still in progress, clicked submit on accident.

Edit: All finished!

I do not think it was this afternoon haha

(I know it’s still in progress)


Thanks for the advice, next time I’ll do that!

Edit: Event is Finished!

I truly wish I can be there! My home airport since I was born and it truly has changed. Can you get me on standby for a Alaska 738 to Kahului. Who knows, maybe that 737 will be out?
Also don’t forget the Lufty 346 to Frankfurt

(P.S. I’m on standby because im legit going spotting in S.D. on that day)


Sure thing! I’ll give you that gate, notify me if you can’t make it.

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Will do, don’t want to say I can truly make it home in time, but I’ll try my best, “legally” to get back 10 minutes before push.

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Oh yea, if you know, what gate does Lufthansa serve?

It varies in Terminal 2, but it’s usually Gate 49

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Great looking event tou got here! I will take Gate 43 to KJFK. Thanks!

FedEx to Memphis please :)

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Can I do KPDX-KSAN-KBWI? Southwest 737 gate 8

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May i have Gate 04 please?

@Dylan_M @Kevinsoto1502 @Chase_Copeland @Plane-Train-TV

Thanks all, I’ll assign your Gates now!


I will actually be in San Diego this Christmas. I go every other break and every summer! My actual flight is with Frontier on their A321.
Hopefully by the time this event is happeneing the update will be out and I will be flipping the updated B738

My requested route is Southwest B738 KSAN-KDEN

See you In San Diego!

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Maybe I Should go spotting in that say to!

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UGHH my flight to Austin is that day at 11, I thought it was 11 pm, rip, I’ll be sure to make your next SAN evet though!!


I’ll assign your gate!

@maeyo Alright, cya in my next event


I will do gate 25 to KDFW

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Alrighty! Thanks for Attending