[52 attending!] Massive KJFK flyout @ KJFK 162000ZMAR19


I will take Terminal 2 Gate 64. See you there!


That’s why I chose the 737 cause I wasn’t sure but i can add the 787? Do you want the gate with the 787


I’ve added you…see you there!!!


I still want to use a A320, thanks…


Yes please


You’re added,see you there


Terminal 2 Gate 61 please! See you then!


You’ve been added


You are wrong. Check flight aware


Here is the proof:


Ok sorry I wasn’t sure,so do you want to be in terminal 4 or are you ok with being at the hardstands


May I sign up for Terminal 1 Gate 08?

I do see some issues in Terminal 4B. Gates 42 and onwards are reserved for all Delta regional flights. Also in Terminal 2, an A330 won’t be able to fit in gate 69. The max airplane size in T2 is between a 757/767. Just letting you know so that aircraft won’t collide with one another :)


I want use a 777 please


Ok I’ll fix it and I’ll add you


What gate?


Gate 26 please


What terminal


Is that correct our still not right


It’s better. Thanks for adjusting it.


I’ve added you