[52 attending!] Massive KJFK flyout @ KJFK 162000ZMAR19


Can I have a gate at terminal 4B? Delta CRJ-900 to Montreal?


Terminal 8 gate 37 please


Gate 23 Please T5


@PilotDog @Captain_JR @IF787 @CaptDan you’ve all been added thanks for attending and @Captain_JR sorry that was a mistake


Sorry but I think Delta only uses Terminal 4B forLong haul international flights (correct me if I’m wrong)


I’ll take terminal 5 gate 15


You’ve been added,can’t wait to see you at the event


Thank you!


I will take the Alaska gate [ Terminal 7 Gate 7 ] to KSJC! The real route is operated by a 738/9 so I will take the More to Love Alaska 739 if Special liveries are allowed… Thanks


Yeah sure, you’ve been added


I’ll add some gates on the Hardstands for some extra delta flights


Gate 47 American 777-200 lr to Heathrow for me will decide call sign later


You are added


I’d like to have Gate 26
EY100 to OMAA


Sure I’ll add you now


I’ve added a few more gates for Delta on the Hardstands


I’ve added you to the hard stands if that’s ok with you


Could I fly to KSEA instead of PDX?


Yeah sure!


What about the aeromexico flight that uses the 787 to go to MMMX? AM409 to be exact. Instead of using the 737-700, will it be possible to use the 787 same gate all that callsign will be AM409.