50th anniversary of the First DC-10 Took flight

WARNING it’s like my first time talking history so it might be errors thank you

(From Wikipedia)

Today from 1970 August 29 the first Produced DC-10 (N10DC) which has its first flight and then entering commercial service to compete with the 747 and the infamous L-1011 with American Airlines in August 5 1971 from LAX-ORD and only 446 planes were built and is still flying today as the MD-10 with Federal Express

The first variant was the DC-10-10 which has CF6 engines and is able to do domestic service and had some short range on it

Then the DC-10-30 came along as it got extended range and able to do international long haul flights like JFK-LHR

The DC-10-40 is kinda different since it has JT9D’s on it

Years later…the DC-10 production had to end due to the MD-11 Coming by as its successor the final DC-10 taken off from Long Beach and the last delivery was sent to Nigeria Airways in 1988

The plane is still here today but as the MD-10 as Fedex is the only one to have those (I think) and might retire soon to the new 777F and there’s also KC-10 Tankers which is still a active plane today with some air forces

So what’s your opinion on the DC-10 comment below


Well the MD-11 was not really memorable since it gotten little customers over the years and ended productions around 2000 and the last passenger one was with KLM 2015 until retired from passenger service as we remembered

DC-10…I never was a big fan of this, but this surprised me. Happy birthday DC-10!

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The DC-10 is way better than the MD-11
Great topic!


well yes since it gotten alot of airlines including cargo ones even though the MD-11 looks cool

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Happy birthday DC-10! You may not be my favorite plane, but you’re great.

Same birthday as me, lol. 😂


The DC-10 is easily the top 5 best widebody aircraft of all time. It puts the 787, and A350 to shame with the level of comfort you got on a DC-10. I’ve flown in the DC-10 (ATA & Northwest) and although it’s not as good as the TriStar (which I also flew in), it’s a fantastic aircraft nonetheless.

And because the last DC-10’s are cargo planes they should be around for at least 20-30 more years. Which I’m proud about.


yea those cargo planes could be used for short-medium journeys as much

Another one of those DC-10 variant was gonna be a twin engine one to be like more efficient and goes to compete the A300 but it got scrapped since it was like too heavy and same goes for the MD-11

The -15 is only for higher airports which is below sea level and has higher thrust to CF6 engines

The DC-10-50 was gonna have RB211 on it but forgot about it since BA ORDERED THE L-1011 instead


DC-10 gets so much hate but it has less problems for the amount built than other aircraft

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It gets hate simply because it’s an old plane. Which is in my opinion disgraceful

kinda but it gets hate due to the crashes it get around the 70s (Turkish Flight 981 & American Flight 191 etc)

Regardless, anyone who even attempts to disregard its significance in aviation history is just wrong. It, along with the TriStar, and A300 paved the way for ultra long haul air travel.

Orbis has a DC10. It’s a flying eye hospital! Boeing refurbished a DC10 donated by fedex to make the orbis hospital.

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