5057, The Last F-4 Phantom 2 Comes Off The Line


It was the 25th of October, 1979. McDonald Douglas readied for the finally to one of it’s most used aircraft. The F-4 Phantom 2. It was the time for the final F-4 to roll off the production line. Around midday, the 5057th F-4 Phantom 2 rolled off of the production line. Ready for combat. The F-4E-67-MC had been prepped to be sent to The Republic of Korea Armed Forces.


The aircraft started up, ready to roll. Under the Foreign Military Sales program Peace Pheasant II, the aircraft made an overseas flight to the Korean forces. Soon after its departure, the production line was closed at St. Louis. Once the aircraft arrived in Korea, it was assigned to the 17th Tactical Fighter Wing based at Cheongju International Airport. The aircraft later went on to serve till about the late 80s. Until it was replaced with more up to date aircraft for the newly emerged South Korean Air Force.

No more details could be found. However, the F-4’s legacy continues on as it is still in service with some military forces. Including some in the Middle East.


Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, and thisdayinaviation.com

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