502 Bad Request


Seems like this is a common thing all day with me, not sure if it’s just me or what. Any idea/


Yep. Getting that a bit too… usually just restarting chrome fixes it (temporarily).


Yea I’ve been getting this too for the past few days.


Same issue here. Started happening a few hours ago.


Same issue here!


I’ve gotten it twice on my phone, and once on my IPad (on two different WiFi networks and modile data) so I think it’s an IFC thing…


I kept getting that today, and I also got the server issue thing. The website loaded but it just showed a server error.

Funnily enough, when I clicked the IF logo after posting this, I got both again.


Got this right as I was opening this topic, how ironic.


Lol same thing happened to me


We’ve seen this on our end as well - I’ve just reached out to Discourse so they can take a look it. Sorry about this!


Hey appreciate it thank you so much!


yes same with me


Alright ladies… Cameron has been so kind as to tell us people are looking into it, there’s no need for everyone to let him know that they’re having the same issue 😉


Should be fixed now, let us know if you see it again. Thanks everyone for your patience!


Copy thanks!


Yes, I am getting it to, I refresh and get it, iOS 12, iPad Pro.


Hello again. I’ve just had the issue again !🤕