500th Flight and A Reflection

Dear fellow sim pilots and IF Team,

Happy to have been with Infinite Flight since the time where landing the Space Shuttle back at base was a mission, and when countries could only be played in parts. On that note, I clocked my 500th flight yesterday, for which I decided to take the 777 in IF livery. I do miss my time in Europe, so I took two destinations there at random…which ended up being Rome and Zurich.

As flights on the 777 go , this one was extremely short for the aircraft involved (yes, there are shorter). But I guess it made the flight unique in the way that it’d be one of the few times I took off in a 777 well under its MLW. Set the map departure, cruise and approach while loading up…which basically took me from LIRF to skirt along the Italian coast, before a right turn direct to Milan Malpensa and onward to LSZH. Descending to Zurich probably would have meant a speedy approach given the Alps, so i selected one that would take me flying downwind Runway 34. This would give me enough time to slow and configure safely for landing before flying into the base leg and final approach. I’d like to make a note at this point that this was my first time flying to Zurich, hence the extra caution.

Taxied to Rwy 25 and took off…

…before climbing out over the Italian coast up to FL360

Faced some light chop while approaching the Alps; but nothing to worry about. Set the VNAV and began my descent to 7000 ft.

As expected, speed started to pick up marginally over 260 kts , forcing me to extend the spoilers, and then retract them and extend the flaps once slowed down…

Flew the approach before making a smooth landing manually.

Reflecting on my flights thus far:

  • Longest used callsign : C1-1
  • Highest Grade Achieved : 4
  • Total Flight Time logged: 670h 38mn
  • Longest Flight without the app crashing : 10 hours
  • Number of landings: 327
  • Most frequent reasons of crash/no landing till date:
  1. App crash on phone (no incident since the fix update)
  2. Aerodynamic stall on Final Approach
  • Most frequent flights made : Medium-Haul
  • Violations : All level 1
  • Violations/Landing : 0.11 (7 Violations / 64 Landings)
  • Most frequent violation : Overspeed due to being AFK while descending from cruise

Thanks a lot to those who took interest and read thus far :)


Great pictures! Congrats on 500 flights, thats a lot, but now your next is challenge 1,000 flights! 🛫


Thank you :). Of course, the sky quite literally is the limit haha.

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Congratulations! Looks like it was an awesome flight. :)


Thanks a lot. It was indeed :).

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I will let ya off on this one, but I saw some HUD, still great pics!


Hahaha thanks. Shall take more care with the pics :P