500 Subscriber Special

I have recently hit 500 subscribers on YouTube and I’ve been wondering what my 500 subscribers video should be. I’m currently making an IF movie called INSANE. Do you have any more ideas?



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Congratulations! 500 subscribers is a MASSIVE milestone!

Here are my ideas for the video:

  • Create a flyout in your favorite airport and spot the departing planes.

  • A nice formation flight in your favourite aircraft and take a good few shots.

  • Or create a landing competition and catch the smoothest landings…


Thanks for the suggestions! :)

I’d say do a rewind. Just don’t add will Smith


Ya its okay

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This does not belong in #screenshots-and-videos because they didn’t upload a video or any photos


I have also subscribed. On we go to 1000!!! I like the videos I saw!!!

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Thank you sooo much! Thanks for your supportive comment too :) I sure hope I’ll get there one day!

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