500 hours flight for Lufty VG Frankfurt to Sao Paulo


777-300ER LATAM

12:32 Total flight time

Expert server

Taxiing to runway 25C…

A premium economy passenger takes a view of the wing while taking off.

A local spotter catches the magnificent 777 depart out of Frankfurt!

And of course a moonshot.

Cleared to land in runway 09R!

And…Touchdown in Sao Paulo!

And we’ve made it to SBGR and we are now taxiing to the gates…

Well this was an amazing flight between 2 3D airports and it was great to get to 500 hours for Lufty VG and I hope to get more in the future, tell me what was your favorite picture and have a nice day


If Lufthy still active?

yes they are

I belive theya re making a new thread but not sure

Really loved the 3rd photo! But sure thing all of them great:) congrats for that 500 hours of flight✈

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