500 Hour Milestone

Since starting last summer in IF i’ve taken many breaks and in less than a year i managed 500 hours, many long hauls later. Flown with UPSV and BAVA (Had to respectfully resign from BAVA due to my lack of flying i’ll be doing) Both amazing VA’s Grade 2 due to me falling asleep on approach lol anyways i am amazed by how professional everyone handles themselves within the fourm and i am glad i bought this game and been through the ultimate VA experiences. If you ever see me in the skies don’t be shy to message me:)
Thank you for this amazing phone simulator and this amazing community


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Yea you’re probably right:)


And nice work on the 500 hours! Try not to fall asleep during critical phases of flight in future 😉

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Thank you and Yea i am not doing early morning landings anymore 😂

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Congrats! 500 hrs is not a given or an easy accomplishment. Wishing you many more milestones to go!

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Thank you:)

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That use to be my weakness 😂

Half way there!! Now for the big 1000

Nice going!
I don’t want in any way to be a fun spoiler (500 hours is some serious flying), but I just wish Pilots would focus on XP more, rather than hours. Flying hours you can do literally in your sleep. While a good XP/hours ratio is achieved by ‘hard work’ and lots of buttery touch and goes at lonely windy places…

Hours are great! I reckon XP should be the new hip.


Completely agree, however hours often show dedication. XP can be done by constantly performing patternwork. So if you want a good XP:Landings ratio, just do lots of touch and goes. No need for tricky crosswinds or buttery smooth touchdowns.

Edit- I think it would be pretty cool if Infinite Flight made some sort of average touchdown rate and centreline so we could have a statistic that showed how good we were at landings. However, if this was implemented, having it in expert server only would be nice as sometimes you wanna do some hard touchdowns for the fun of it in casual 😉

Thank you and i do agree, but i do lots of long haul flying and touch and goes don’t interest me, i get bored of them pretty easily but XP is something i am going to work on:)

Yea i do agree

Closed at the request of the OP. Congratulations btw :)