500 days, thank you IFC!

Hey everyone, today marks my 500th day on the IFC! 🥳 I originally joined back in January of 2019, I’ve come really far and definitely grown as a person. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside several people in several VAs. A big thanks to @Dylan_M @JacksonAviation, @AviationJack, and @PlaneCrazy. You guys have been so awesome to work with and it’s been super fun.

When I first joined the IFC I was just a kid who liked Infinite Flight and knew a bit about aviation. The IFC helped me learn so much about aviation and I’ve made a lot of friends along the way. I remember my first post being a response to an event, that was my first event and that’s where it all started. I went on like that for a few weeks, just looking at events and having fun. I saw this VA, Plane And Pilot. It was the first VA I joined and definitely is my favorite. It’s incredible to think that I’m a staff member now. When I joined P&P I started getting really interested in ATC. A few weeks later I joined the ATC program and had a super fun time with Training Sessions and growing as a controller.

The big thing that made me stick around the IFC was that I became a Regular back in June. I learned that I had new responsibilities and people were looking up to me. I then proceeded to join TSATC, we were an elite group of TS controllers. I then just kept controlling until I got asked to become a recruiter. Little did I know that I would be left on my own and have to deal with 96 applications. (That story is for another time) I grew up the ladder as the organization went along, i eventually even became the CEO. After that I made my own VA, I definitely learned a lot. That VA unfortunately didn’t work out, and I learned so much about how hard it is to be a CEO.

I just want to thank some people.

@Tyler_Shelton thank you so much for helping me along the way with ATC!

@ThomasR thanks for helping me to grow as a controller as well!

@JacksonAviation wow, you have been here since the start, thanks for being a great guy.

@PlaneCrazy Thank you for creating P&P

@Marc you’ve been super helpful to me, if you didn’t know, I looked up to you as a person. Thank you!

@everyone you guys are one of the best communities that I’ve been in, thank you everyone, you’ve been so excepting and helped me get through a hard time. Thanks again everyone!


Happy anniversary! I can’t believe it is coming up to 730 days for me…

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Congrats @Sashaz55 Always Glad To See You On IFC

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Happy Anniversary, Sasha! There are years to come!

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Congrats on 500 days. We all start somewhere and build our way up. Isn’t it swell? :)
Time goes by so fast, let’s see how 1000 days is like.


26 days to go for me…

Happy 500th day anniversary, glad you can be part of this community! And help out elsewhere. 🙃

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Congrats on the big 500! Really shows dedication and commitment to the IFC. I’m so glad you stuck around, cause you’re a great person to have around the IFC! Hope you stick around for another 500+ days!

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Congrats, my favorite regular. :)

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I also joined in January, a little bit before you though… let’s celebrate together!


Time flies, doesn’t it? You’ve been a great community member as well!

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Congrats on this milestone, @Sashaz55! You are a great part of this community and of Plane & Pilot, It’s a pleasure to know and work with you!

Can’t believe I’ve been here for almost 1,400 days now😳 Time really flies.

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Congratulations @Sashaz55!

Apparently it’s my 707th day here.

Happy Umm anniversary? Anyway this is a huge achievement well done, hope to see you for years to come!!

Boeing 707: Did someone mention me?

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Congratulations @Sashaz55

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500 days! Congrats @Sashaz55! 🥳


Wooo hooo congrats @Sashaz55 and hopefully to another 500 more days

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Agreed! 😊

Thanks for being part of the Infinite flight community @Sashaz55, we really value your contributions. You joined IFATC not long ago and you keep getting topics praising how well you did. The community really appreciate you!


Wow! Well done on your 500th day. Thank you for everything you have brought to the IFC!

Well done my friend I still remember my first day on IFC and the first few months started off very rocky in 2017 I had a lot of topics closed and a lot of flags.

Favourite thing about those times was topic

Brings back the good old memories of those days Where you’d fly from KLAX-KNUC in a A380 or a 777 Infinite flight show the times have changed


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