50 years, 8 engines, 2 planes, 1 Flight.


Yesterday, Me and @ButterMachine went flying in the 747-200, a little over 50 years after the first 747 flight. It’s just hard to believe the 747 is 50 years old, and is still being used today!

I prepped myself and @ButterMachine with the flight info, we flew over the Himalayas, which is a little different than the first flight of the 747. Well, let’s roll the photos!

I tried to make these photos look like colorized photos from 1969.

I really hope you enjoyed these photos, and feedback as always welcome. The 747 is such an iconic plane, and I’m glad me and @ButterMachine we’re able to fly this iconic plane on its 50th anniversary year.

Thank you and have a great day!


I enjoy the Retro-ey feel of the pics!


Jeez. Those photos look better than some wedding pictures. Nice shots!


Thank you @Czechoslovaki and @Sir_Baller!
I love the old-retro feel of the photos too. And thanks @Sir_Baller, that’s a great compliment.

Pictures 2,3,4,5 are just 👌


Thank you @Ondrejj!

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Nice shots!
And nice duo! Butterboi and Buttermachine 👍🏻😂

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Thank you, and yes, it was a nice duo, we both have great landings. (Not in the 747 though)

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50 years, 8 engines and one flight. Great catchy title and I hope you had fun altogether!

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We did have fun, thanks @Kuba_Jaroszczyk!

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Are those clouds?

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Yes, kind of.
When your over 10,000 feet. In replay mode, change the visibility and then watch the magic happen.

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Just amazing!

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Thanks @Ignas04! Much appreciated.

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Thank you everyone for the support!

Awesome pics! I honestly haven’t seen that livery on the B742 in IF before… Is it new?

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It was added with the XCub, it’s the EAA 50th livery.
Thank you @DutchPilot1!

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Ah, ok. Makes sense now :D Thanks!

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Your welcome!

Thanks for the support everyone!

oh forgot to say, feel free to send a PM if you want to fly with us.