50 Year Anniversary for Apollo 11!

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In a few days, it will be the 50 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.
On july 16, 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong blasted towards the moon thanks to the NASA Apollo 11 mission.
The spaceship’s launch mass was 100,756 pounds and it’s landing mass was 10,873 pounds. Six days after the takeoff, the first person to ever land on the moon took his first step on July 21st at 2:56:15 UTC. His name was Neil Armstrong. Buzz Aldrin followed 19 minutes later and was the second ever person to step on the lunar surface!
They came back on July 24, 1969 after a successful lunar landing mission in the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle.
The mission had a total crew of three, including Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.
The mission’s callsign was CSM:Columbia and LM: Eagle. The Saturn V SA-506 rocket took off from the Kennedy space center LC-39A.

Congratulations for the 50 Years!


This was truly an amazing achievement for the US!

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What do you think? Did they really land on the moon? 😏

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No, it was fake, because the US flag was waving on the photo but there isn’t air in the space. So, how did it wave?


It’s a joke, they did something with the flag so it was waving. :)


The Apollo landing is human space exploration and has nothing to do with aviation.

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Then why did the devs of IF have a shuttle and a 747 with a shuttle in the app…



“Apollo landing”

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He does have a point

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I still disagree with your rebuttal. It’s an interesting topic unlike many that pop up in this community on a daily basis.

Never mind all of the topics and pics of people taking an F22 up to 131,583+ feet


It’s just great. My generation is too late for the space rate, too early for planet exploration, but right in the middle of climate change.

Well, at least we got the XCub. Interesting topic btw. It was indeed quite an achievement, and it will be interesting to see which nation will be next up there.


My dad remembers this very well I always enjoy when he tells how the entire neighborhood was at their house and they all watched it


You mean days?


Such a big achievement for mankind. I love how the space programs brought different nations together in peace to build the ISS for example.
Had the chance to see a Falcon 9 takeoff last year in Cape Canaveral, but those Saturn V had to be a next level. Loved to see a replica of the Saturn V in the Kennedy Space Center.
Even more stunning was the development of PCs back then and how well they managed to calculate all of the thousands of thousands of factors important for a moon landing.

image !
The Landing Capsule

Couldn’t even caption those huge main stage boosters in one picture


Nice Pictures!

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Hello guys/girls! Today is the start of the 50th Anaversery of one of, if not the coolest, most complex things humans have ever done. Here I will be posting a message 50 years exactly after important things in the timeline of events occurred. This will be starting at 9:31 with the launch. Can’t wait, and have fun!




As we speak 50 years ago Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michel Collins we’re preparing to get onboard the Saturn IV, the largest rocket ever made, weighing in at 2.6 million lb. To lift that it’s Five F1 eingens produced a combined 7.6 million lbs of thrust. They were not only preparing to go into space, but to go to another world. To land on a different celestial body. Imagine that feeling…


fear, excitement and curiosity


Something like that. It’s got to be a pretty insane feeling to wake up and think, today I’m not only going to space, but another celestial body in space…

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it also looks like some people are going to be feeling that same feeling again with project Artemis and spaceX’s plan to go to mars in the BFR and starship


@KPIT sets the scene
@Choccymilk reacts to it

What a nice scene!!!

Indeed the Apollo mission is very interesting, after only less than 70 years after the Wright Brothers they figured out how to go to the moon.