50 Subscriber Special Ideas

Hey guys!

I posted earlier about my Infinite Flight Movie. Well, I posted that with 31 subscribers. Within one day, I am now at 46.

Soon, I will need a 50 subscriber special. I would like your ideas! So far, I have one that I think would be cool.

Let’s hear those ideas!

Once again, I do not want this to be advertising. If this is advertising, please let me know how I could change it. Thanks for your help!

Keep Flying,


This may be challenging

Do a landing with 50 different liveries
for example,

Something like this!
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This was part of my idea! It is cool.

Just film from the same spot and touch down at the SAME SPOT! A little challenging, but thanks for the idea!

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You can make a compilation of your best moments in IF. From Casual server chaos to you best Expert server landing. I hope you surpass 50 subscribers and get to 100!

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I don’t have Pro, but I will use the idea of my best shots! Thanks!

Do a giveaway! Reasons:

  1. You get a ton of subs
  2. you make the person who wins very happy

Yes, you have to spend a bit of money, but I think it’s worth it. I did a give away for my 50 sub special so if you don’t know hot to do a giveaway, you can check out mine. I’m the one who commented on your IF movie yesterday ;)


If you don’t have Pro, perhaps you could try editing together a theatrical video about one of your favorite airlines, aircraft, or liveries in IF. If done well, these types of videos are always very cool to watch!

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That sounds like a good idea! I don’t have a job, though, so it wouldn’t be like, a MacBook or anything. Also, how do you do a giveaway through YouTube?

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Also, thanks for the nice comment!

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What is your channel name? I would love to sub!


It’s Alaska096

who knew, lol?

Also, thanks!

If you gave out a GeminiJets model, you’d probably have all of IFC wanting to subscribe! Or even something as simple as a $20 Amazon gift card would be great, too!

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I did a $25 Amazon gift card giveaway, and I got 13 subs from it.

I used Google Forums to do it.

My giveaway video: (you can use it as a guideline) - YouTube

Nice! I could probably get the Amazon gift card. I’ll have to think about the model.

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Thank you!

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Thank you guys for all of the amazing ideas! I think I’ll use some of them! I’m always open to more, though. Keep ‘em coming!

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😂 I’m stupid. But I’m subbing right now!


You can use the A321


Yeah! I was thinking of having the music of the classical variety and having A320s do some stuff. I would call it…

”Flight of the 320” (like Flight of the Bumblebee, I dunno :) Or, “Dance of the A320”.