50 Subscriber Special and Landing Competition!

So, my Infinite Flight YouTube channel just hit fifty subscribers! This is huge, and I couldn’t do it without you guys. Y’all are awesome, especially you guys on the IFC!

Before we get into it, this is not a live event. I do not have Pro. Follow the instructions in the video, and your butter will be seen!

On my channel, I have posted a landing competition! If you guys want, go ahead and show me some butter!

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es7V5LZ6--8

Once again, I hope this is not advertising. If it is considered advertising, please let me know how I can change it. Thanks!

Please put this under #live:events and use the correct format.


Now back to your event.
I’ll try join!

Thanks! But, it’s not a live event. I do not have Pro.

But, what you can do is record yourself buttering the bread, post it to YouTube, and send the link to



Oh, ok 👍 😃

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