50 more landings

So I have exactly 50 landings to go until I reach grade 4. Any suggestions on how I can get my landing count up?

I just took off from Dubai to Memphis on a night flight. Do these every night possible and it will get you a daily landing. Also patterns every now and then

I in fact reached grade 4 a couple hours ago

A great airport to rack up some great landings fast is KRND with the two parallel runways available. I suggest doing this on the casual server if you opt to go do some touch and goes there so you can make tight turns.

Randolph is a indeed a good place to do that. Especially being right next to San Antonio

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I heard KDEN was the best place to grind more landings. Plenty of runways at different headings, makes it easy to turn and land.
EHAM works too.

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