50 landings removed in less than a day

Yesterday I was making a flight en route to HKG, and I had 186 landings in 90 days. After a while, a message appeared saying that it was not possible to see my statistics because of the connection or an error on the server, and soon after I went to see the statistics and saw that 50 landings had been discounted. But I never did 50 touch and goes in just one day, I wanted to know why that happened. I’m in the open beta, 20.2, and this is not the only bug that happens


I’m with the same problem pulled out 15 landing of mine, and the other day took 10 even flying every day,

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Because you probably did 50 landings in a row 90 days ago, the grade table remove your landings of 91 days ago in “landing (90 days)”.

I don’t think it’s possible for the beta to remove your landings


If you think it’s a bug then do the things everyone should do before making a topic: restart both IF & device. Also #support is not category for possible open-beta issues.

Well we dont know if it is a beta issue

It’s mostly likely because those landings passed the 90-day mark.

Hey Mate!

Sorry to hear about your issue here. We all forget something sometimes, but if you think this is a true issue and you didn’t do a whole nuch of touch and goes into one day try out the following:

  • Preform a Restart of your device
  • Uninstall and Re-install the app
  • Log out and log back in
  • If you are on Beta and think this is a beta-issue download the normal 20.1 version to see if you stats stay the same.

If you have done all of that and the landings stay the same I can only imagine that you did 50 landings in one day, perhaps not all of them in one session, but in one 24 hour period. Have a great day!


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