50 knots wind speed at CYUL

I just flew to CYUL and the surface winds are crazy (up to 50kts in final approach). If somebody is looking for a challenge or wants to practice crosswind landings this is your place now!


Thanks for the info. I will avoid CYUL as I don’t want to do crosswind as it makes me lag like hell.

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I guess its a bug but anyways, very good for flying xD

you could hover over one spot in a X Cub I bet…!

Nevermind, FR24 says the wind speed is 35KTS

It’s not a bug-

CYUL 011500Z 25037G50KT 30SM BKN030 04/M03 A2960 WS ALL RWY RMK CU7 SLP025

(Montreal elevation is 760 feet)


I am now even experiencing 80kt headwind on my way to BUF

I am from Canada near Ottawa and the winds are very strong on ground, knocking power poles over and such. I assure you it’s not a bug, Eastern ontario and like southern quebec area are having a bad wind storm.