(50+ Gates) Huge Oshkosh Airshow- Celebrate EAA’s 50th Anniversary @KOSH-221500ZJUL19

Hello IFC-
The EAA airshow is later isn’t he month so I thought that we could make a community airshow to celebrate the 50th Airshow. Any who are not part of the displays can fly around the airspace to watch the show from the air.
Server: Casual

Airport: KOSH

Time: 2019-07-22T15:00:00Z

NOTAM: Help me and the IFC create EAA Airventure 2019. Have fun and be professional.

EAA Chapter 252 Ramps

Displays-Fly between 1500-1530Z
01- C-17
02- C130 J USAF
03- A-10
04- DC-10F USAF

Northwest Tiedowns-XCubs

(Can be any livery)

“Northeast Tie Downs

(Use any livery-Welcome to fly around the airspace during the show)
01- TBM9
02- TBM9
03- TBM9
04- TBM9
05- TBM9
06- CC19
07- CC19
08- CC19
09- CC19
10- CC19
11- C208
12- C208
13- C208
14- C208
15- C208
16- C172
17- C172
18- C172
19- C172
20- C172
21- Citation X
22- Citation X

Southwest Tie Downs

This section is for the WWII Group flight
01- Spitfire
02- Spitfire
03- Spitfire
04- Spitfire
05- P38
06- P38
07- P38
08- P38
09- P38

East Tie Downs

This section is for the USAF show of force
01- F22
02- F22
03- F22
04- F22
05- F16
06- F16
07- F16
08- F16

EAA Flight Research Center

This section is for the international flight including foreign Air Forces
01- Ned. AF DC-10F
02- Egypt AF C130
03- Oman AF C130
04- Danish AF C130
05- Iraq AF C130
06- Indian AF C130

More gates can be added if necessary.

I’ll end up flying in before the event so I cant say what gate I’ll be at, and once the update comes back out your going to have a ton of grass parking to put in.

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This event is very similar to the event hosted by IFGAC & IFCAS.

Maybe some sort of collaboration could occur, otherwise we can sort this out over a PM.


Ok I’ll get someone to close the topic now or maybe find a way to collaborate

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