[50+ ATTENDING, ONE WEEK TO JOIN] Mile High Fly High @ KDEN - 231900ZFEB19 {Sponsored by Plane & Pilot, United Virtual AND Southwest Virtual}


Here @BlueAcidball


Thank you!


May I have a gate change to C44?


I’ll take C45 please!


C51 to TPA please :)


Sign me up for Gate B25!


I have you down!


I believe that UA operates flights to Phoenix? If possible could I take a gate for that route on a 737-900? If not I’ll take gate B77 to KABQ


I’ll take gate B80 to KGJT!


I have you guys in.


I’ll take gate b32 to narita


I’m sorry, that gate is taken. @Voyager456


Cannot make this event anymore, sorry.


Gate A32 departing to KLAS with Frontier Airlines in the A319… their isn’t a Livery for the A319 but their is one for the A318 if thats what you meant to put.


UVA is proud to be apart of this event!

I’ll take Gate B60 to KASE - United CRJ-7 - UVAL034


I’ll take C47 except I’m going to go to PHL in a B737-800


Gate B27 please, United, KRDU as destination. Thanks in advance!


I will take C30 to SJC please! See you there!


Could I switch to KABQ? My gate is C31 to help you out. Thanks!


Can I please have Gate B66. KDEN - KABQ. Thx.