[50+ ATTENDING, ONE WEEK TO JOIN] Mile High Fly High @ KDEN - 231900ZFEB19 {Sponsored by Plane & Pilot, United Virtual AND Southwest Virtual}


There Are Still Many Gates Left.

There is less than one month to join this event, so please join soon.


I would like get Gate A22 to KICT please!


I have you as gate A40 to KICT in a Frontier A319. Gate A22 is never used and I want to make this realistic. @BlueAcidball


Alright, that’s still fine nevertheless, thank you!


United 3680 will be there. A320 coming in from LAX and going out to ORD.

If you want I can go to DFW


I have you going to DFW


@Dylan_M Why are you unable to attend?


Im already attending a event on the 23rd.


At SJC? You joined that after this one


I’ll just take gate C39 please.


Yeah, I would suggest a short hop as his event is 3 hours after mine. Lol, I wasn’t forcing you to join


Lol im probably gonna forget to attend anyways.


I’ll be sending a PM the night before if there are 30 or less attendees.


I don’t even remember signing up for P&P lol


You don’t have to be part of P&P to be part of this event.


Yeah yeah, I know


I have you as gate A40 to KICT on a Frontier A319


I know that, but I was just wondering if I’m in P&P


No, there is an entire application process. It is like a VA but is an organization/flying club. I’m part of it.


Where is it?