[50+ ATTENDING, ONE WEEK TO JOIN] Mile High Fly High @ KDEN - 231900ZFEB19 {Sponsored by Plane & Pilot, United Virtual AND Southwest Virtual}


It would be A.


B33 to IAD please


Gate B32 787 to RJAA please


I have all of you in the event, unless you asked for a gate with no destination.


sorry, due to unforseen circumstances i can no longer attend this event


Ok, that is fine


Can I change destination to KLGB


Can I take C42 to OKC please?


I have both of you down!


Hey, i can no longer attend this. Take me out



Can I take A75
Delta 73-8


I gotcha man!


Thanks brother!
Excited for this!


Me too, this will be my second and second largest event. My first was at KDCA and we had every gate filled. Very many people joined at the last minute, seeing how many people were there.


Can I have gate B92 to KLAR?


Yes you can!


Thanks, looking forward to it!


Gate A33 plz


I have you down as the Delta 739 to JFK, unless you want the Copa to Panama City?


B17 to Ewr please!