[50+ ATTENDING, ONE WEEK TO JOIN] Mile High Fly High @ KDEN - 231900ZFEB19 {Sponsored by Plane & Pilot, United Virtual AND Southwest Virtual}


In that case, we should be worrying about that, because that sounds absolutely horrible to go through. Feel free to PM me.

Let’s get back to letting people sign up for this seemingly awesome event!


Thanks for assigning my Gate though


Shouldn’t there be a flight to KIAH? I’m just wondering because a few gates don’t have an assigned flight 🤔


hey Joseph thanks for saying that and happy holidays 🎄


Can i get gate A39


A22 to KICT please!


I’ll take the flight to KASE please! (United)


What up 🤘🏿
I’d like to represent for UPS Virtual UPS Virtual Airlines || Our Heritage is in the Cargo : Growing Fleet!
May I please have Gate:

Aircraft: MD11F (flown irl:)
Callsign: UPS 81
Thank you very much 👍🏿


I’ll take A43. Btw, KDEN is seperated 3 Concourses. Concourse A, B, C with one main terminal.


I will change that


And United does not park at concourse c


It had one gate there, I found it on live departures from Flight Aware


Don’t mean to be off topic but I am 98 percent sure that United does not have a gate on terminal C. It was most likely used as an overflow gate


Ok, if insisted


Can I get Gage A27


Can I have Gate A30 but instead of a 737-800 can I use an A319?


Sure! Thank you!


I’ll take Gate 45W. please


Concourse A, B, or C?


I will take gate A47 to BIKF in the Icelandair 752

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