[50+ ATTENDING, ONE WEEK TO JOIN] Mile High Fly High @ KDEN - 231900ZFEB19 {Sponsored by Plane & Pilot, United Virtual AND Southwest Virtual}


Server: Expert

Airport: KDEN

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Spawn 15 Minutes Before The Time Of The Event


Image Credit: https://bit.ly/2LmLVtC


After my last event at KDCA, I created a poll for people to decide where my next event should be. The winner of the poll was KDEN with a 43% vote. I myself have never been to Denver but my dad has. He distinctly remembers the fact that it was far away from the city of Denver itself. Conspiracy theorists believe that with the two times over-budget cost, the US Government built an alien base under it. The airport looks like it would cost the $2 billion of the original budget, but $4 billion were paid. It is a hub for Frontier Airlines and United Airlines, and is a focus city for Southwest Airlines and Boutique Air.

There is 1 main terminal with 3 concourses: Concourse A, Concourse B, and Concourse C.
There is also a cargo apron which serves FedEx, UPS, and DHL.
The FBO Signature Private Jet Co. operates here as well.

Concourse A | Gates A22 - A83 | Delta | American | Frontier | JetBlue | Allegiant | Air Canada | British Airways | Copa | Lufthansa | Volaris | California Pacific | Boutique Air
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Gate A22 KABQ American 737-800 @Jens_Severin
Gate A24 Delta @Kayci_Wittl
Gate A25
Gate A26 MMMX 3h 29m AeroMexico/737-700
Gate A27 KATL 2h 50m Delta/737-900 @CapriciousWisewater
Gate A28 KLAX Delta/737 @BadPlane
Gate A29 KDTW 2h 43m Delta/737-900
Gate A30 KLGA 4h Delta/A319
Gate A31W KATL 2h 37m Delta/737-900 @Steven_Duvall
Gate A32 KLAS 1h 42m Frontier/A318 @Andrew_Coward
Gate A33 KJFK 3h 43m Delta/737-900 @LimiTZ_YT
Gate A33W MPTO 5h 24m Copa Airlines/737-800
Gate A34 KSDF 2h 30m Frontier/A320
Gate A35 KJFK 3h 43m JetBlue/A321 @Joseph_Krol
Gate A36 KSNA 2h 11m Frontier/A320 @Jonesrox55
Gate A37 KBOS 3h 59m JetBlue/A320
Gate A37W EDDF 8h 29m Lufthansa/747-400
Gate A38 KORF 3h 25m Frontier/A320
Gate A39 KSEA 2h 50m Delta/717-200
Gate A40 KICT 1h 15m Frontier/A319 @BlueAcidball
Gate A41W EGLL 8h 52m British Airways/747-400
Gate A42 MMUN 3h 44m Frontier/A320
Gate A43 KCVG 2h 19m Allegiant/A320 @MJL_Productions
Gate A44 KSJC 2h 26m Frontier/A320
Gate A45 MMMX 3h 51m Volaris/A319 @Adnan_Rashid
Gate A45W CYVR 2h 47m Air Canada/CRJ-900 @SwissCrow
Gate A46 KTPA Frontier/A320 @therealbobison
Gate A47 BIKF 7h 1m Icelandair/757-200
Gate A48 KDFW 1h 50m American/A321
Gate A49 KORD 2h 42m American/737-800
Gate A50 KMIA 3h 41m American/737-800 @Sebastian9915
Gate A51 KCLT 3h 1m American/A321
Gate A52 KSAN 2h 13m Frontier/A321
Gate A53 KCLT 3h 2m American/A321
Gate A56
Gate A60 KPIR 55m California Pacific (generic)/CRJ-200
Gate A62A
Gate A62B
Gate A62C
Gate A62D
Gate A62E
Gate A64A KAIA 47m Boutique Air (Maroon)/TBM-930
Gate A64B KCEZ 1h 6m Boutique Air (Maroon)/TBM-930
Gate A64C KALS 46m Boutique Air (Maroon)/TBM-930
Gate A64D KDDC 1h 10m Boutique Air (Maroon)/TBM-930
Gate A64E KCDR 50m Boutique Air (Maroon)/TBM-930
Gate A66A KDRO 1h 30m Alpine Air (Skylink Express)/C208 Caravan
Gate A66B KCYS 45m Alpine Air (Skylink Express)/C208 Caravan
Gate A66C
Gate A66D
Gate A71
Gate A73 KOMA 1h 22m Frontier/A319 @Aviation-21
Gate A75 KSEA 2h 45m Delta/737-800 @zand3r
Gate A77
Gate A79 KDCA 3h 13m Frontier/A319
Gate A81
Gate A83
Concourse B | Gates B14 - B95 | United | Trans States Airlines
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Gate B14 KIAH 2h 21m United/737-900 @Chase_Fellbaum
Gate B15 KLGA 3h 30m United/A320
Gate B16 PANC 5h 35m United/737-800
Gate B17 KEWR 3h 39m United/737-900 @Elliott_Ewell
Gate B18 KEWR 3h 37m United/737-900 @United_1154
Gate B20 KATL 2h 45m United/737-800 @Yazin
Gate B21 PHOG 7h 23m United/757-200
Gate B22 KBOS 3h 48m United/737-900 @Matt777
Gate B23 KCID 1h 49m United/A320 @Matthew_20204
Gate B24 KDCA 3h 9m United/757-200 @baseball_inferno
Gate B25 KMCO 3h 22m United/737-900 @harmyd
Gate B26 KPHX 2h 2m United/737-900 @mogbog
Gate B27 KRDU 3h 11m United/737-800 @Planes4life
Gate B28 KORD 2h 18m United/757-200 @Ian_Mckillop
Gate B29 KGRR 2h 32m United/A320
Gate B31 KIAH 2h 19m United/737-900 @DiamondGaming4
Gate B32 RJAA 12h 5m United/787-8 @Sinwe
Gate B33 KIAD 3h 1m United/787-8 @Jack_H
Gate B35 KMSP UA 737-900 @travelingcornstalk
Gate B36 PHNL 7h 13m United/777-200ER @Aviation_Alex
Gate B37
Gate B38 KDFW 1h 55m United/A320 @Connor_Mcmullin
Gate B39 KLAX 2h 20m United/A320
Gate B41 KLAS 1h 46m United/737-900
Gate B42 KLAX 2h 19m United/757-200
Gate B43 KCID 1h 45m United/A320
Gate B44 KSFO 2h 36m United/737-900 @Wesleyhenrich
Gate B45 KSFO 2h 30m United/737-800 @Ian_Mckillop
Gate B46 KATL 2h 46m United/737-800
Gate B47 MMSD 2h 55m United/737-900
Gate B48 KCLT 3h 4m United/CRJ-700
Gate B49 KDFW 1h 57m United/CRJ-700
Gate B50 KSJC 2h 45m United/CRJ-700
Gate B51 KASE 49m United/CRJ-700 @Wattsup_jet
Gate B52 KOKC 1h 34m United/CRJ-700
Gate B53 KBNA 2h 40m United/CRJ-700
Gate B54 KDRO 1h 6m United/CRJ-700
Gate B55
Gate B56 CYYC 2h 11m United/CRJ-700
Gate B57 KSAF 1h 23m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
Gate B58 KCOS 40m United/CRJ-700
Gate B59 KFSD 1h 33m United/CRJ-200
Gate B60 KASE 41m United/CRJ-700 @Jshnlsn
Gate B61 KHSV 2h 18m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
Gate B63 KMSO 2h 25m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
Gate B65 KDSM 1h 52m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
Gate B67 KMAF 1h 57m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
Gate B69 KGPI 2h 36m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200 @PlaneCrazy
Gate B71 KHYS 1h 2m United/CRJ-200
Gate B73 KSHV 2h 19m United/CRJ-200
Gate B77 KABQ 1h 16m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200 @Brad_K
Gate B79 KATW 2h 8m United/CRJ-200
Gate B80 KGJT 58m United/CRJ-200 @Patrick_Gallagher
Gate B81 KISN 2h 1m Trans States (Generic)/CRJ-200
Gate B82 KCLE 2h 52m United/CRJ-700
Gate B83 KOMA 1h 24m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
Gate B84 KDAY 2h 26m United/CRJ-700
Gate B85 KOKC 1h 39m United/CRJ-700
Gate B86 KLBL 1h 3m United/CRJ-200
Gate B87 KAMA 1h 12m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
Gate B88 KSJC 2h 21m United/CRJ-700
Gate B89 KBZN 1h 28m United/CRJ-700
Gate B90 KTUL 1h 33m United/CRJ-700
Gate B91 KTYS 2h 52m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
Gate B92 KLAR 39m United/CRJ-200 @esant_15
Gate B93 KDRO 1h 22m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
Gate B94 CYWG 2h 10m United/CRJ-200
Gate B95
Concourse C | Gates C23 - C51 | Southwest | United | Spirit | Alaska
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Gate C23 KDTW 2h 35m Southwest/737-800
Gate C24 KLAS 1h 39m Southwest/737-700 @Mtw57
Gate C25 KSMF 2h 25m Southwest/737-700
Gate C26 KBNA 2h 12m Southwest/737-700
Gate C27 KSTL 1h 45m Southwest/737-800
Gate C28 KCMH 2h 26m Southwest/737-800
Gate C29 KMCO 3h 1m Southwest/737-800 @FuZion_Sami
Gate C30 KSJC 2h 33m Southwest/737-700 @GlobalFlyer1
Gate C31 KABQ 2h 13m Southwest/737-700 @Joseph007
Gate C32 KPDX 2h 29m Southwest/737-700 @infinite_flyer_21
Gate C33 KGRR 2h 5m Southwest/737-800 @Luke_Sta
Gate C34 KLGA 3h 25m Southwest/737-700 @DEN_Airport
Gate C35 KSJC 2h 55m Southwest/737-700 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
Gate C36 KSLC 1h 19m Southwest/737-700 @jakey2_0
Gate C37 KIND 2h 14m Southwest/737-800
Gate C38
Gate C39 KSEA 2h 43m Alaska/737-900 @Dylan_M
Gate C40 KSNA 2h 10m Southwest/737-700
Gate C41 KTPA 3h 4m Southwest/737-700
Gate C42 KOKC 1h 24m Southwest/737-700 @TheDeltaFlyerr
Gate C43 KLGB 2h 15m Southwest/737-700 @JeromeJ
Gate C44 MMUN 3h 40m Southwest/737-700 @Cargo
Gate C45 KHOU 2h 26m Southwest/737-800 @TomJohnson oh
Gate C46 KPHX 1h 45m Southwest/737-700 @TaterToT3565
Gate C47 PHL 3h 33m Southwest/737-800 @Nolan_Hastings
Gate C48 KBWI 3h 12m Spirit/A320
Gate C49 KSFO 2h 26m Southwest/737-700
Gate C50 KORD 2h 14m Spirit/A321
Gate C51 KTPA 3h 19m Southwest/737-700 @Kevinsoto1502
Cargo Apron | FedEx | UPS | DHL
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
FedEx Apron 2 KMEM 1h 54m FedEx (Generic)/767-300 @TimPodgwaite
FedEx Apron 3 KMEM 2h 2m FedEx (Generic)/767-300
FedEx Apron 4
FedEx Apron 5
FedEx Apron 8
FedEx Apron 9
FedEx Apron 10W
FedEx Apron 11
FedEx Apron 14
FedEx Apron 16
FedEx Apron 17
UPS Apron 20 KDFW 1h 32m UPS (generic)/767-300
UPS Apron 20W
UPS Apron 22 KRNO 1h 47m UPS/A330-200F
UPS Apron 24
UPS Apron 26
UPS Apron 30 KONT 1h 46m UPS/MD-11F @Playr_Mar
DHL Apron 31
UPS Apron 32
DHL Apron 33
DHL Apron 33W
DHL Apron 35
FBO Signature
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 1 KMCK 1h 5m Black, Red & White TBM-930
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 2 KIOW 1h 54m N800WT (Any Livery)/Cessna Citation X
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 3 KCEZ 41m Any Livery/Cessna Citation X
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 4 KSAA 32m Any Livery/Cessna Citation X
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 5 KMIA 3h 15m Any Livery/Cessna Citation X
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 6 KASE SR22 Generic Livery @Trio
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 7 @AviationGaming
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 8
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 9
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 10
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 11

Sponsored by Plane & Pilot Events

More Info

This event has received a sponsorship from Plane & Pilot Events and will be advertised on the Plane & Pilot Slack and receive P&P ATC if it is on the training server. if you have any questions about Plane & Pilot sponsorships, please contact @PlaneCrazy or @AIDoLS.


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I’d love gate A36 to KSNA :)


Gate A73 to KOMA please.


Gate C34 to KSAT please


Could you do any Southwest gate to KGRR? Thanks.


I’ll take any southwest gate to MDW


I’ll take an American Gate to KMIA 738 pls


I’ll take gate C34 to LGA on a southwest 737-800


I’d love to do this; JetBlue does a flight to JFK in an A321. If you included it, I’d love to join. They fly out of Concourse A. If not, I’ll take the UA A320 to LGA out of B15.


Please don’t mind me, I’d like to change this to KSDF (aircraft is the same). Thanks! :)


KDEN-KSFO C49 please!


Gate A22 to KICT please!


Ouch, I didn’t see it!


Thanks my man


Gate Requests Will Now Be Accepted


Can I take gate B15?


Gate A34 to KSDF please (aircraft is the same). Thanks! :)

Flight time is rougly 2:30 btw


Could I change gate C33 to KGRR? Flight time is about 2:05


That was a bit rude of me. I’ll delete it.


It’s fine it happens to me all the time at school