5 years on IFC

Really? 5 Years… damn

So, it’s been 5 years on this place

And what a ride it has been

First I shall give thanks to those whom have made this all possible, IF Staff, for all the Im sure… unique characters you deal with here, I, and I would like to think the whole IFC have nothing but immense satisfaction and thankfulness for you.

To the wider community

Thank you all for being so amazing, creative, hilarious, and all round great people. It’s been an honour to be amongst your ranks. (Still chasing regular level, gonna be a lot more active as VACenter kicks up).

A look ahead

Whilst its always typical to predict the next decade of IF, let alone aviation, I think we can all agree we are entering a new age. With a renaissance of super sonic aircraft, and a new dawn of electric aircraft.

In regards to IFC, I hope to be more active in the coming 5 years than the previous, and contribute in a higher degree to this amazing community.

Thank you all!

Happy flying!


My does time fly! I’ve been here nearly 4 years!

Here’s to the future!


Man, five years is a lot. Happy cakeday man!


Five Years! Wow man Congrats!!! Yes Happy Cake Day!😂😂

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Just finished my 6 year IFC Topic and saw yours, I was like

Hope you have a great time here


Well done!

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