5 Years Of Live

Today Infinite Flight live turns 5. I was flying QF37 from YMML to WSSS in a Qantas A380 when I received the official notice:

When I first joined I had three goals which was to join an Australia VA and move up the ranks. The second goal was to fly to every single country in the world. The third was to get to Grade 5. I’m now a Captain for Qantas Virtual Group, Grade 5 with over 1 million do and 88% of the way to being the first person to fly to every single country.
Question for the IFC: what was your goal when you first join live or when it came out and did you accomplished it/on your way?


I didn’t have a goal, I just loved playing :) I also have accomplished grade 4 :))


Good job on getting Grade 4, I guess your next goal is Grade 5.

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I just looked and noticed this. gamer salute

I never had a goal. IF will always be something that I can do in my free time. Ever since HS started I’ve begun to use IF less and less. So if get grade 4 cool idc. I just use IF for fun.

So amazing how far we’ve came these last 5 years. It’s crazy. Super cool they sent a message out. 😜

Omg wow I missed it. That must have been an amazing callout

My first ‘accomplishment’ was to become grade 3. I remember my first flight, I organised databases before I even flew. I started a flight with every single aircraft. I remember flying an Avancia A318 into SBRJ in Rio, (old scenery rip), and coming face to face as a grade 1 with a grade 3 F-22. There’s me astounded sending random commands to this ‘God’ I was looking up to, amazed by playing multiplayer after having different variants of this game for 2 years. (Not gonna go into detail for that).

I now am grade 4, and a happy player for Infinite Flight’s subscription. I never go on casual, so I never see grade 1’s, and only use training for my ATC tracking thread and when I get afk violations. I now think ‘what an idiot.’ I got grade 3 in a week 😂, and built up random operations in my ATC log. I’ve never flown before, and didn’t know any ATC commands except from self-taught IFATC. I took the IFATC test without watching any videos and such, and surprisingly got 36%. I more recently took 2 more tests with 68%, then 72%… Well I’m at least making progress.

Of course I look up to the moderators and staff, and regulars, but I also heavily respect Grade 5’s for their time and effort put into the game. I hate pattern work so it’ll be a long time for me 😂

RIP this ‘edit’

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It was pretty cool to be honest!

you don’t need to to pattern work, going from Grade 4 to Grade 5 just took a whole lot of touch and gos between KHHR and KLAX in a TBM-930, you get about 1 touch and go per flight minute which is good and I now have a good appreciation for KHHR.

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I just landed at DEN, happy 5 years of live! I did Hong Kong-Denver in a Cathay 777. When I landed on 17L the winds were crazy! Landed safely tho ;)

Congratulations! Quite inspiring story!

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I still remember the day I made Grade 6. What a moment it was, I have my own server and everything.

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Must be a pretty boring place. ;)

Do you mean grade 5?

What do you mean by this?

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