5 years in the IFC

Already 5years 🎉 yeahhhhhhhhhhh…

Okay now seriously. Its been a long time that just flew by i even didn’t know its my anniversary today. In those 5 years in the IFC i met so many people i woukd wanna thanks all them for that great time here. Most thankful i am for @Jalokala @Bruno_Palma @Kai_Jessat @qWERTY @Murilo_Heindrich. Thanks you mad it a great time here 😉👍

okay now really seriously

I realy would thank @Luu @Robert_NG001 @Nefarious @Marcel_NG002 @fesa84 @Black_Bird @Syncline @XY_MAGIC and some more but that would really be too much tagging here. Most of those above are part of the best Crew i met here. Lets fly through this year and have lots of fun. 🔥


time sure flies by when you’re flying!

Mate what a ride. Keep it going! 🛬🛫


Happy 5th cake day our lord!

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The coolest part of this community is meeting amazing people like you @CrazyBee !!! In these 5 years you deserve a flight right? It is an honor to have your friendship.

Here’s to more and many 5 years.

Full respect from my side! It is always a pleasure to join flight time with you!

So i hope we will enjoy our last Flight together tonight!

Flight buddy’s for ever!


A picture says more than 1000 words ❤️
Thank you for everything


That was a great time 👌


What a great time it’s been…
I’ve only known you for ~ 2yrs now but I’m glad I got to witness the transformation into the crazy CrazyBee we all know and love :)
Safe to say you’re one of the best pilots in IF and it’s always a pleasure flying with you

Looking forward to the next 5yrs and beyond & a lot of very (un)professional flying with the crew 👀

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Almost forgot: one of the best moments


Thanks. i’m glad i met you and had those great times in the past and still are flying after those years as you said lets get the next 5years and whats comming in the future


That flyby worked so good at Manchester Airport 👌

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Our best Moment @CrazyBee @Nefarious @Luu


Huge congrats on this amazing milestone, Fabian! Let’s raise a toast to many more!

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Congratulations, keep up the progress and more achievements🎉🎉🎉!

Happy cakeday!!! 🥳

Happy late anniversary stay fly 🫡

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nice!! i just hit 3 years the other day 🎊🎊🎉🎉

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Cheers Crazybee :-) you’re such a nice buddy !


@CrazyBee see you today

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