5 years anniversary of Infinite Flight Global update

Yesterday the 17th it was the anniversary of Global Flight release !

Infinite flight from 2011 to 2017 had no entire planet available to fly. There were regions, with no possibility to cross them. We all were waiting to have the possibility to fly across the planet and with a lot of efforts the IF team made the thing happen! I remember a lot of things that made the firsts days unforgettable :

  • The airports that didn’t have altitude data that were literally a cliff, or a mountain where the airports had altitude data but not the scenery (there was less topography coverage in the early months)

  • The space glitch easier to do when the only thing needed was falling into the ground

  • The firsts inter-(old)regions flight and Atlantic flights (I made my first transatlantic from Geneva to Montreal)

  • The firsts FNF and community events that made a lot of flights coming and diverting due to the amount of them.

  • Making my first flight on my country that weren’t available in pre-global IF. This was exciting and irréal.

That update was few days after the 5th anniversary of my IF debuts. So now I’m happy to say it’s more than 10 years that I fly in Infinite Flight.

Laura made us happy with this topic!

Beside 3D airports and other wonderful huge feature, this update changed the sim forever
Here’s one of my firsts screenshots :

Can’t wait for the five next years with new incredible work and features, and being able to celebrate 10 years of Global Flight!

Thank you again devs, from a very long IF fan!


Happy 5th anniversary of Global! I wasn’t playing IF at this time but I remember the pre-global era on my old Kindle, it never updated. It’s incredible how much IF has changed over the years!

I remember that day. Got home from 7th grade class, installed the update and was blewn away by the scenery of the globe! 😍

Remember that time well! Also, pre-global I remember flying online within the regions. If I remember for your first few flights online, you were either limited to the size of the aircraft or the type of airspace that you were allowed to fly in until you had built up the XP…

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Its been 5 years. Wow. It’s hard to remember what it was like beforehand at this point…well apart from KNUC (people who flew online pre-global will know exactly what I’m referring to)


@David_Lockwood oh sure I almost forgot this ! I remember when the default spawn was KHAF as well

@BennyBoy_Alpha yes !!! We got a long line of aircraft waiting for departure, from an apron with something like only 6 civilian gates? ^^


Holy crap 5 years? It quite literally was a second game with how much changed. And to think we went 12 months without an update and now regularly get 7 updates in a year. This simulator is still my favourite after 8+ years

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