5 Year anniversary flash flight

As most of the forum knows today Misha hosted “Live At Five” As this week is the 5 year anniversary of IF becoming live. So I joined the group flight and took some pictures. It was on Expert and the flight was from DEN-SFO it was about 3 ish hours long. Flight started at 5pm est or 2100 Zulu I believe.

Dont quote the Zulu time I am just guessing :)

Picture was taken from inside Misha’s cockpit

A surprising visitor from Europe.

Wing view from a plane holding short while I started my takeoff roll

First Officer thought taking a picture was a good idea, couldn’t agree more:)

Can you spot the two other planes in this photo?

Hint turn the brightness up

A nice little stairway of airplanes:)

Almost hit a drone, but the owner sent me the photo and it was worth it😟👍

On final for RW28L at SFO with @Altaria55 2NM behind me and someone on Final 28R

A fellow pilot took a picture and sent it to me:)

These are all my pictures, they were taken in replay mode:)


Awh, I wish I would have gone. I was too busy doing homework 🥺

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That was me. And it was 2 NM.

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Yea you were close to a go around there. 😂👍

I was about to, but you swerved off the runway before I did.

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Safely left the runway 👍 not swerving 🙂

A320 in front is me following Realism™ at KDEN

“almost hit a drone”

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What can i say🤷🏻‍♂️🙂 looks like a drone shot lol

Nice! Very creative descriptions.

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lol It’s just the first time I’ve heard anyone say that and found it really funny

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I know i laughed when putting it in👍 and thank you @ztoastednoodle fun flight = fun description(s)

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Holding up the line @Luke_Sta 😂

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Wow just wow that’s incredible

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Wouldn’t be possible without this amazing community showing up the flash flight 👍🙂

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It was loads of fun🙂 hopefully you can make their next flash flight or tomorrow’s fnf👍

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I love the comments under the pictures😂👍. Photos are of course great too.

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Yea, it’s the 5 year anniversary flash flight had to give some people some laughs 🙂👍

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