5 Weirdest Airports

Don’t know if this belongs here or general. I viewed this Youtube video with the 5 Weirdest Airports.
5. Barra Airport
4. Don Mueang Airport
3. Madeira Airport
2. Gibraltar Airport

  1. Kansai Airport

I was thinking it might be pretty cooll if Expert ATC featured these airports for a week if it hadn’t been done already. Does anyone agree or is it just me? Let me know what you think.


Yes this topic does indeed belong in General. ATC Is for ATC related topics.

And yes these airports are indeed unique, not weird!

actually, I think that #real-world-aviation is the place for this, as it is real world. (Plus, credit for the video appears to go to @Swiss)

Kansai is on this weeks schedule

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You know it’s a good day when a @Swiss video gets its own topic. 😂


Plus there are a few other of these,such as Centrair Chubu Nagoya RJGG

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There are a whole bunch of airpots on man made land in Asia

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Not to mention how my headphones break mid-video.

Weirdest Airport… Kansai?
Umm excuse me, but Kansai must be imo one of the Coolest airport I’ve ever been on.

Dang that Airport is chilling out in the Osaka Bay on a Man Made Island. The amount of hard work put into this is amazing. Heck i love being at the Sky View (Observatory) watching the planes take of from RWY 06R, they literally fly past you so close, the sound from the Engine roaring 🔥🔥

And Japan has more Airports that are alike RJBB.
I.e. RJGG (Chūbu Centrairs Intl. Airport in Nagoya) is also a Island connected by two different bridges to the mainland.

Why don mueang airport?

There’s a golf course between the runways.

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