5 Ways to Help Out your Controllers


I think most people don’t know how big of a pain they can be to their controller during their flight. From pilots who don’t respond for 5 minutes to pilots who fly in fighter jets, here are 5 way to help out your controllers.

#1. Be responsive - It doesn’t matter what the situation is make sure to respond to the command you controller gave you.

Why is this helpful? - It let’s us know that you heard the command and will comply with it.

#2. Check the ATIS - Always check the ATIS when departing or arriving at an airport.

Why is this helpful? - The ATIS holds useful information that you can use to help plan your flight. Always have the correct runway in your flight plan.

#3. Follow the rules! - Always under any circumstance follow the rules.

Why is this helpful? - 1. It helps everything be more organized and 2. It prevents you from getting reported.

#4. Improper use of messages - Make sure you know what every message means and what their purpose is.

Why is this helpful? - It’s just good to know what you are messaging in general.

#5. Be respectful - When ever you have a controller Be respectful.

This is all I could come up with so if you have anything you would like to add let me know.

-Happy Flying 🛩


Some good tips and tricks here. Only thing I noticed is that you don’t need to provide a pattern entry for a visual approach. You only need to provide a visual approach with a sequence (if they’re not number one) and then a clearance. No need to discourage the use of visual approaches as they aren’t any more or any less easier to clear then the other approaches mentioned.


This is a cool guide, but I don’t agree with #4 at all. Pilots can file whatever approach they want and our radar controllers are certified to handle any type of approach, including visuals.

They are actually easier.

If you’re saying this as a tower controller, it seems a bit lazy to tell a pilot not to file it just because you don’t want to sequence before clearing.


Yeah it’s a nice guide but #4 must be changed, it’s false (what Declan said) and it isn’t more hard to clear visual at all.

When a pilot is flying, why do you think it will be more hard ( unless the pilot don’t know about the “report airport in sight” button ).

Have a good day


Ok so I have the feeling I should change #4 @Drummer @Declan @Yukiros_31. Lol. What should I change it too? Do you have any other advice that would be good to replace #4?

Because ATC will clear you as appropriate or as requested. It doesn’t really matter what approach you programmed if any at all. ATC will clear you however they feel is necessary

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Yes I know. I just find it annoying to have to tell people enter straight in and then clear them

The thing is, you don’t need to tell an aircraft to “enter straight in” or any other pattern entry when they are a visual approach.

The only thing that you’re required to do is provide them with a sequence (if they’re not number one in the sequence) and clear them. No need for any pattern entries whatsoever.

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So maybe I should replace it with never request a different rwy than what is in the atis

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and to all pilots, try to have a little bit of situational awareness by observing the planes ahead/behind and what they are doing. (Unless they’re clearly trolls or dumb pilots.)

If for example 4 planes ahead of u are maintaining 200kts as they enter the pattern, u should anticipate early and follow their speeds.

Waiting for ATC may not always be ideal because they have a lot of things to deal with and little speed adjustments on your end would make it easier for ATC. By taking a little proactive action on your end, it’ll be easier for the controllers to direct everyone else.

If you’re lagging behind and there’s a huge space between u and the aircraft in front of u, increase ur speed to catch up, then slow down when there’s adequate separation. Always maintain a good separation, not too far behind and not too close. A good balance between the two.

Get ready to anticipate a go around if u feel that there isn’t adequate separation being maintained anymore. Don’t be stubborn when ATC tells u to go around, act immediately and quickly. It sucks but u get to keep flying at least.


what is this? You MUST follow ATC instructions at any time. if you don’t do that, it’s more hard to us and can finish with a violation. Other seems good but this one isn’t true

If it’s for speed adjustment, I apologize and yes you can slow before instructed if you maintain safe distance


as in most cases when you’re still far out from the pattern itself, and you’ve not yet been given a speed to follow by ATC. Ik it’s
250kts Max below FL100 but you can anticipate if u need to slow down further based on traffic in front. Of course , when ATC does give u a specific speed to follow you should comply immediately.


Yeah this is more for when radar is offline. Actually when it’s off, it’s really more difficult to control because people don’t follow pattern entry instructions and continue following their flights plan, why do they can’t understand they have to follow the sequence assigned and not continue inbound without doing anything for spacing 🫠

One time I had to do 2 360 when ATC went offline and people in front all bust into other 🫣
( on expert server)


Damn that must be difficult 😥 i think imma keep being one of the last to enter the pattern and wait for those idiots in front to either get reported or comply with ATC. Don’t wanna risk it yk. A little extra fuel wouldn’t hurt ;)


Always try to help your controller out when you can


^^ this, especially when it’s just GTS and the airspace is busy. People need to learn that just because tower didn’t tell them a speed doesn’t mean that you can continue at 240 or whatever into the guy doing 180 in front of you.


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