5 Ways to Avoid Violation in Infinite Flight Multiplayer

I know you guys are afraid of getting violation in Multiplayer but here are a way to avoid violation in Infinite Flight!
So, you guys like to go on Expert Server and can’t join because you have so many violations.
So, here are ways to avoid violations:

  • Do not exceed more than 250kts below 10000fts (this does not apply to fighter jets)
  • Do not cut other planes in line (this only apply on Expert Server)
  • Do not do aerobatics in an active airspaces
  • Do not use heavy aircraft at small airport
  • Do not use a weird callsign name

So, those are the ways to avoid violations on Training and Expert Server so I hope you guys enjoyed! :)

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This topic already explains how to get Violations (which basically implies how to not get them ;)

I think better advice is to pay attention to your flight during critical stages of your flight. From Departure to Cruise and from Start of descent to landing.


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