5 violations

Hi everyone as I was climbing out of EHAM yesterday my screen froze. During that time I had non control of speed and there for picked up the violations. The screen froze 2 times in the period. Hope you can help many thanks!

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I assume you were taking off manually? Otherwise, you shouldn’t get speed violations if you were using AP cause I’m sure you would set the speed to around 230 - 240 kts since you’re below 10,000. Now if you set a much faster speed, then unfortunately that is sort of your fault.

I was flying manual like I normally do, I had no control

I was told that @schyllberg could help me.

What altitude did it freeze at?
This is also a factor.

In link with other questions, what device do you use and what were your current graphic settings?

Really all you can do is PM him or another mod for them to review. However, I doubt the replay will show the freeze, so unless you have some sort of evidence of that, you’ll have to rely on them to take your word for it. That’s a possibility, but no guarantee. (No I’m not saying it didn’t happen, only that if they went by claim alone, they’d be reversing violations every day for cat mishaps, burglars who don’t steal but only give people violations then leave, rogue ferrets…)

If your game freezes during a critical phase of flight (accelerating upon climbout would qualify), it’s safer to restart than hope. (I.e. if you know you’re below 10k and the thrust is set to accelerate, its best not to just hope the screen unfreezes before you hit 250 KIAS.)

There’s not a whole lot we can do for you in a public thread. In fact, there’s nothing we can do for you here. Except offer various things like you’ve already seen (graphics settings, etc.). We can’t help with the violations.


roger I messaged him but I was told to make a thread by my friend

I think it was like 4000ft

ludicrous rendering with no anti-aliasing. limit frames on on an iPhone 7

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Ludicrous setting may be your problem. Try lowering it down and see what happens

I have iPhone 7 and can’t run at max graphics

I mean it works fine just this once it took a hit

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4000? You should’ve activated A/P at 1000.

i have all my A/P on by 1000ft but i like doing manual speed

I mean I guess but in the end it is kind of you fault having speed being just adjusted by you.
That is what A/P is for :(
I’d recommend always having it turned on after 200knots.

well im sorry that i like flying manual is all i can say tbh my man


But why did it crash, what device do you use and your graphic quality settings?

I dont activate AP until I have completed my departure. Some departures have taken me to 15000ft, and I hand fly them all. Otherwise I feel like I might aswell delete IF as I wouldn’t actually do anything!


i said up in the thread and i have never had any issues with my settings, trust me i make my setup perfect over 2-3 flights

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exactly thats the kind of magic i like

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