5 Violations in one time with Autopilot mode

Hello, I‘am pretty new here and unfortunately I already made a frustrating experience. When flying from Mia to JFK today I used Autopilot mode that worked well in the beginning . Iadjusted speed to 220kts what worked perfectly. I went approximately 5 minutes. away for a drink After returning I was wondering why I was offline. After the flight I saw hat I got 5 violations at that time due to overspeed . I really trusted the autopilot mode what I shouldn’t do. Well I can also proof this because the flight is recorded. I just wanted to thank you for this game. After this experience in the. Beginning really feel like rubbish


What aircraft were you in? Some aircraft are quite slippery and need some effort to slow down.

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That sounds frustrating indeed.

Did you remember to set your heading and VS parts of the autopilot? You may have turned too steeply or climbed too steeply, exceeded the flight parameters, which made autopilot disconnect, which made you receive violations and crash.

I hope this helps.

Also, it is recommended to not leave your device unattended until you are at cruising altitude with autopilot engaged.


Could you please post a video of what happened?

Keep in mind that it is not recommended to leave your device unattended unless you are at cruise altitude. A video would be helpful to spot why this happened and how to prevent it in the future.

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Hey, I was flying a A350.

Mkay, what was your descent rate?

I am not that experienced that’s right. I left the Autopilot after approximately 20 minutes after I programmed autopilot. Eberything worked well…

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Yes I can upload a video … maybe it could help some advice , what went wrong

So, you may have left one of them disengaged, which made all of it turn off, and you crashed after getting violations? That sounds like what may have happened. Just trying to confirm so I can help you better :)

This also happened to me two days ago. You must simply keep an eye on your speed while you are beginning your descent. This means you should take your drink during cruise level. While descending below 20,000ft, you should set your autopilot speed to 250kts.

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I’m aware other people have already said it, but you really should never leave your device unattended until you have reached cruising altitude/ in the middle of a descent. It is never safe to assume that just because you have enabled autopilot, it is okay for you to leave the device unattended. I understand it can be frustrating, but you’ll never see a real pilot strolling through the cabin upon the climb to cruise.


I think 220 knots is definitely too low for cruise speed, usually set speed at 300/310 on the A350 and once passed FL280 set ur Mach speed at 0.82 and then u should be fine
Remember the higher u fly the less the IAS will be (IAS=indicated air speed)

The climb profile for the A350 is actually 250/320/0.85 (below 10k/below 28k/over 28k)

If u need the climb profile for any other plane look for it on fpltoif or just pm me for this and any other info!

He wasn’t in cruise. Read the post.

You gotta add realism to it, pilots don’t leave for bathroom breaks or anything while descending for these specific reasons. Sometimes planes can be slippery on descent and require you to use air brake and adjust the vertical speed (VS) from time to time to avoid speeding violations.

Take a picture and post your HUD on cruise.

maybe I am just to silly for this simulator with the severe penalty,that it shows… but the one month membership was it worth also I made this frustrating experience at the beginning… Thank you all for the advices.

Looks like you were descending too fast causing you to gain speed instead of losing speed. I would recommend -1500 VS or less. Others may say different though. Also, as said above, don’t leave your device unattended during crucial parts of your flight. One of the more crucial parts is preparing to pass FL100 on descent.


This happened to me yesterday. I was at cruise had ap set and it spun out and oversped