5 Violations due to Frozen Phone

Hey guys,
I was flying out of Heathrow today and as I reached cruise, by game froze. After about a minute or so, I came back to 5 violations and a report due to the over speed when the game unfroze. Clearly, this isn’t something someone on the expert server would do intentionally, and I really need someone’s help in clearing the report. I know this might be more fitted for support, however I’m pretty sure only ATC can remove ghosts, so I thought it would be more suitable to post here so an IFATC would be more likely to see it. Also, I didn’t want to send as a direct message, as I have no idea to send to a mod or an ATC or staff or what. Again, super sorry about my crappy iPhone 6. Time for a new phone!
Thanks for your help,

Might want to restart your phone…

and check this out

Support, this goes in

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Sorry about that! Unfortunately I can’t do anything to help here but I hope your problem gets resolved.

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Yes, thank you sir!

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I think contacting a mod is best.

You would be surprised to know what happens on Expert.

Also, IFATC can’t reverse something like this. Sorry.


Thanks for finding the article. Appreciate it!

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Alright I’ll wait to see if a mod answers this board if nobody does in a few hours I’ll send a message. Thank you!

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If you do not know the solution to the issue then just don’t reply.No need to send unnecessary posts.


Brandon, if no mods contact you, you can tag them or contact them via PM. No need to wait for them to contact you on this thread.

just trying to be a nice fellow community member

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This thread exists for a reason - I’m sure he can wait.

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Please see this:

In addition, the ghosting that was created due to the violations was only for your session and is not reflected in your grade. (Theres basically no report to remove)

You will be back to normal once the violations work their way through the grade table.


How do i fix this i have been put on report for 1 year because of my frozen phone and I don’t know what to do

If you received a system ghost due to a frozen phone, it’s not that big of a deal. System ghosts don’t show on your record, and you’ll be back to Expert in a week.

If you’re saying that you got reported due to a frozen phone, then find the controller in your logbook and contact them. You may be able to get the report reversed.

The thing is proof how do you show proof of this

We can look into your stats and see where the discrepancy is. For now we’ll close this topic since the OPs post has a solution ticked.