5 violations and a ghost

Hey there IFC, I was doing a flight in my beloved citation x from nsfa to klan . All my waypoints were double checked had plenty of fuel Flight was going really well up until about 12 hours in and than my plane just decided to straight down . I have not been ghosted in ages , I’m very extremely experienced and never had this issue . Was wondering if anything can be done and if not it’s ok I’m a big boy I can handle it . I have the replay if needed . Issuing iPad Pro 2nd gen , expert server. Any useful help encouraged! I’m a very responsible pilot been playing infinite for years .


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Violations given for Acrobatic manoeuvres or for violating speed limits are not removed unless there is a proven fault in the game.

That Ghost you got is a system ghost and will expire in 7 days from the day you got them and you’ll get back your current grade in 7 days to when those violations fall off, that is if you dropped in grade too, i.e from Grade 2 to Grade 2.

As for your plane went straight down, do you mean it pitched down when you disengaged the autopilot?
Sharing the replay would help us understand better what went wrong unless the above is a correct assumption :)

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If you were in a spin or stall, the first you need to do is disengage the autopilot. Then, pull up SLOWLY on the yoke or stick to recover. You need to be alert at all times, but if it was the game then contact a moderator.

Yep I kinda figured that one out it was a voodo thing because it just started to drop out of the sky but like I said I’m a big boy and I can handle the misfortune. However not happy about going to the can in training as it took me down from grade 5 to 2 plus violations

No I was not in a spin or stall it just slowly started to go down on it’s own , had about 2 hours left to go to land and I always keep an eye on these long rangers , when I went to take the garbage out quick, I come back and bam too late to pull up

I know how it feels. I was a grade 3 and went AFK with the autopilot on and oversped to 345 knots at 36,000 feet. Rip grade 3

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I recommend sharing the Replay as that would make us understand better why your plane began going down on its own… We won’t progress by guessing. If you’d like to know what happened then sharing the replay would be the best for us to take a look at.


Yes these do happen , in my case it does not seem like error on my end , everything went totally fine through flight and all of a sudden of course when I leave for a minute, boom welcome to the unghastly sight!

Something like that also happened to me. Flying from LGA to PBI and upon landing at PBI only one clamshell went back and my the time I reached the end of the runway I was going 65 knots and got two ground taxi violations, but it was only for a week, no big deal. Airbus A319.

Anything can happen. But that isn’t good.

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Thanks for your inputs I appreciate all of them , where would I send this replay?

Take screenshots of the exact moments. It doesn’t work yet, as it’s in beta.

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Ok I guess I will send some more screenshots than

I’m pretty sure you send them in here: Share My Infinite Flight

Here’s a thread by Chris explaining how to do it :)

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Ok thanks I’ll give it a shot and see if they can look into it

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It looks like you overshot your destination or exceeded the C750s range. It would take a C750 11hr33mn to get from NSFA to KLAN, direct. You said there was a problem when you were 12hrs in. The C750s range is 3701 miles (5956km), NSFA-KLAN is a 5844km flight, direct. See where I’m going here?

When was this as the servers did go down 2 times this week

Oh I do see but I had plenty of fuel left to get there and than some

This morning expert server

Hmm with the information I have gathered from this thread, I belive that this is a matter of pilot error. If the A/P dis engaged automatically can I see the replay file as I am interested in this

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