5 Tutorials To Watch For Infinite Flight Beginners

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That’s great good luck my friend

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o.o where is a “how to sleep calmly when doing a overnight” great tips misha, i would have recommended these if someone asked

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Great tutorials! I wouldn’t consider myself aa beginner but I do have a piece of advice. I think the Flight Planning video should be updated because it doesn’t include SIDs and STARs, so if a beginner were to watch this tutorial, start a flight, and see “Departure and Arrival Procedures Required”, it would be quite confusing. SIDs and STARs are an essential part of flight planning and they are necessary in busy airspaces, so I think the tutorial should be updated. I know there is a SIDs and STARs video, but that isn’t in this playlist, and I would argue that it is just as essential for a beginner as all the other features explained in these tutorials.

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This should almost be a requirement to watch these before you get grade 2 and again before grade 3

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This is definitely something I can benefit from as a newbie

there is but it is a manule and not a video

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I’m sure that everyone can find the Infinite Flight Tutorial videos somewhere on YouTube

Thank info