5 Tips for Flying on TS1/TS2 (ATC Communications)

This is just some advice for the pilots who may not understand the ATC commands.

1.) When the controller says “Line up and wait,” you are to line up with the centerline on the runway, not the hold short line on the taxiway. The point in you lining up on the runway is to speed up the process of your takeoff. The aircraft in front of you may not be fast enough for you to immediately take off, so the controllers line you up on the runway to get you ready for takeoff.

2.) When you are in line on the taxiway waiting to be cleared for takeoff, please don’t request to takeoff until you are the next in line and waiting at the hold short line. Trust me, the controllers do see you on the radar and on the taxiway. By requesting to takeoff when you are 5th in line, you jam up the frequency and it becomes more difficult, therefore taking longer to get you in the air.

3.) If the controller tells you that a frequency change is approved, please change frequencies so you are no longer on their aircraft list. (As you can imagine, the list just grows and grows when pilots don’t change frequencies.)

4.) When you are inbound for landing and there is another aircraft close by, slow down as much as possible so that there is adequate separation between your aircraft and the one in close proximity to you. This will allow for smoot operation at the airport and will make it easier on the controller.

5.) Avoid sending dulicate messages. If you are letting the controller know that you are inbound, let them know once. When you continuously send the message, you jam up communications when there is no need for it. Please be patient and continue inbound. Wait for clearance before landing and everything will work out.

If you understand these points and follow them, you will be on your way to fly in the expert server. It’s important to practice good habits on the training server so that they carry over to the expert server. The controllers on the expert server expect you to know these things. If you have any questions, feel free to message me and I should be able to help. If not, I can point you in the right direction.


Thank you for this! I am an active TS1 ATC trying to get practice to become an IFATC. My three biggest pet peeves (in order from most to least) are:

1: When someone takes off without permission, cuts in line, or just enters the runway without permission.

2: When someone does not know what “Line up and wait means.”

3: and finally, when someone requests transition when they are flying above the airport zone.


The best thing to do would be to get their information by tapping on the aircraft and once you get their username, just message them after you’re done controlling and let them know. Not everyone knows and if it isn’t brought to their attention, they might hit the grade 3 requirements and enter the expert server only to get ghosted. It’s important for anyone controlling on TS1 and TS2 to attempt to help the pilots that make mistakes. It’s called “Training Server #” for a reason. Real controllers will let student pilots know about their mistakes and clarify things that may not be known. The best way to learn is to learn from your mistakes.


I never actually thought of that. Thanks. :)


Great info, thank you!


Maybe this would help :)



Often times we will use LUAW when traffic is on final to try to get you out at fast as possible. It may not seem like it but those few extra seconds to get you actually moving onto the runway and make all the difference in the world. When you are lined up you should anticipate the takeoff and be ready for the takeoff immediate command if needed. (That means floor it, don’t sit there and and test your rudder and take a picture) This really holds true at airpots with one runway where we try to merge everything together.

Duplicate messages… There is no reason to report your position every step of the way. You announced you are inbound, we placed you on downwind, there’s no need to report yourself on downwind, base, and then final. You can report a full stop if you are in the pattern as an FYI to us but we are not going to give you another landing clearance if you already received one.


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