5 Speed Violations...

On the expert server I fly a lot with heavy aircraft and others aircraft, I wanted to try out the Dash 8 and so I did a quick flight and I wasn’t sure what to put the speed to for cruising altitude so I left it on 250 and then went to 24,000 after that I left my iPad for about 30 minutes and come back to see I’ve been ghosted and have 5 speed violation, I’m really angry cause part of it is my fault cause I probably should have been monitoring but like there is no way to know what speed to cruise at anyways and now I’m back to grade 2…
Can someone help :(


There’s not much we can do. As you stated it was your own fault. It is annoying to be down-graded, but mistakes happen and you can learn from them!


I’m guessing I have to wait a week to get rid of these violations now…

As you climb the outside airspeed becomes lower and lower so you having set at 250 knots went over that speed limit of the aircraft.

I would also recommend checking out this post.


I still don’t even know the max speed 😂 I mean don’t you guys think that just 1 violation and a ghost is enough like why 5


A System Ghosting only happens after a Certian amount of Violations.

I was over FL100 when it happened

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This should also help you


Next time you should basically do some Google research before the flight if you’re unsure, cruising speed is really easy to find from the internet


I also collected a violation for over speed when I flew the Dash 8 for the first time.

My rule of thumb is, when flying an aircraft that you’ve never flown before, always continuously monitor the flight until the aircraft reaches cruise, so that stuff like this doesn’t happen.

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It’s happened to a lot of us in one form or another. You just have to take it on the chin and accept it and learn from it, it’s the only way.

As a tip, if not 100% sure of the journey ahead or trying out the plane like in this case and to make sure no violations are issued if it doesn’t work, go casual until fully comfortable with it :-)

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Something I can suggest is to always have the device with you if possible. Do 10 minute checks maybe? It helps for me, I’ve had many situations like those, that’s why I feel you.

And if you don’t want to make a research just use a flight sim planner like FPLtoIF.com
I highly suggest it, I literally use it every time I plan. The best thing is that it tells you each parameter so you know what to input. It tells you the speeds along the flight and now even the V-speeds.

Good luck on that!

You think it’d be better if you got reported after 1 violation than getting 5 chances?

I think plenty would disagree with that.

The bottom line is, don’t leave the flight during climb and descent.


You should fly the Dash 8 at maximum 185/205 knots.

I learnt this the hard way…

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Thats definitely not correct

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It’s my recommendation.

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