5 minutes after takeoff an ANA 787-8 is turning back to Kuala Lumpur

5 minutes after takeoff an ANA 787-8 en-route to Tokyo is turning back to Kuala Lumpur. Flight Radar said it was a general emergency. What happened?


Maybe something went wrong with the lithium batteries.

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It said it was a “General Energency”

Landed squawking 7700:


Just letting everyone else know as well the reason is here:

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That’s too bad, the 787 could have been one of the great planes

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It is one of the great aircrafts, I think Boeing just rushed, so as to get a bigger slice of the market.

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It is more probable that Google/FlightRadar24 has the answer to this forum…

I get this all the time popping up, I don’t think anything of it,

I think it would be cool for FlightRader to have a
‘Altitude Loss’
‘Hijacking in Progress’ notification.

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There used to be a squawking code for hijacks but I think it was removed…

Well, in real life it’s like 7557 or something like that, but I think it was removed/outdated because even I know that, so someone hijacking would definitely understand the pilots code.

I mean, if those ukraine people used Flight Tracker, they wouldn’t have shot down MH17,

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Yes they shared it… Check this reply direct link to the news of it

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