5 minute photos

I was bored and wanted something to do for 5 minutes so i went into replay and took some moonshots🤷🏻‍♂️ All flights were done on expert. On Friday and Today. Hope you enjoy.
BA B744 Climbing out of KSEA heading to EGLL

The first one is a little dark so i edited it here’s the edited version

MH B738 On approach for WMKK on this weeks FNF


Nice shots! If I were you I’d put the brightness up for the night shots as it’s a bit hard to see.

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Very Nice shots!

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Nice pictures!

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Thanks @ThomasThePro @infiniteflight_17 @Alex_Kyte


Noice the third one looks real and the ultra moon tho
its so good

i wish i had a good shot with it but i got little of it because its to small

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Thank you👍 and if you need help with moonshots there’s a few tutorials, and a “Trick” To get the moon even bigger:) But pm if need be:)

Great shots! Love the moons. Keep it up 👍

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thanks it might help

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