5 Liveries You Forgot Were On Infinite Flight

Them Livery’s made my day a whole lot better! I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for quite awhile now and I’m only realising we have those Livery’s oh my word.

There are feature requests for Asky Airlines aircraft on the forum, where you can vote and share your thoughts.

Asky Airlines Bombardier Dash 8-Q400

Asky Airlines Boeing 737-800

Actually, it seems as if you already commented on them. Just keep it there, please :)

When seeing the blog for A330 developments, I found this out, and you know what? Imma make a #screenshots-and-videos about forgotten liveries!


great article Misha!

Did youse know we have the biggest brasilian and world airline on IF?

Varig guys, have so many routes to make

We have Varig at Boeing 777-200ER and the Varig Log (cargo) at the DC-10F

Varig Varig Varig (the most popular ad)

200 (3)