5 Liveries You Forgot Were On Infinite Flight

And here’s liveries the devs forgot were amongst the most requested liveries, for years now.

And let us not forget the livery that was most requested for over a year and helped kill off the Australian IF community due to the constant ignoring

Hey there!

This really isn’t the place to request livery’s and saying that the devs forgot those livery’s. The purpose of this article was to show what livery’s that you forgot about. Sort of like featuring airlines and livery’s that are unique and you probably forgot they were in Infinite Flight


so is this a hint, your gonna update the Air Tahiti Nui 787 Livery?!!

This was never said. The might but I don’t think it is very likely.

So beautiful, great work

I think air tahiti nui looks like a cool airline I like the ocean blue of the 787-9

Wow I can wait for it

Interesting. But nothing for me. I only fly Lufthansa. 👍


This will help me!

I forgot about the northwest airlines on the E175!

I love rocking the Tahiti Nui!!! That is actually my favorite commercial livery! But I do not like flying it if I’m not in that VA… which I’m not, so if anyone sees me out flying I generally fly the generic white, or private livery… to keep it real!

I knew 4/5 of those were in Infinite Flight!
I don’t even know what Yakutia Airlines is, so I wasn’t worried about that :/

I didn’t know any of those ;-; good list lol

I always knew of the AirTran 737 and Pakistan International DC-10.

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What about ASKY Airline. West Africa best coverage.
Vote so we can have the livery

Do you know DutchBird’s A320 on Infinite Flight?

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Dont forget TUNISAIR livery !


those who dont have infinite flight pro obviously know the airtran 737

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You know what
Azerbaijan airlines A319 and 787-8 are forgotten too
Anyone here flew the Turkmenistan Airlines 777 in IF?
Also the Mexicana Link CRJ200