5 Liveries You Forgot Were On Infinite Flight

@TahitiVirtualGroup sure has not forgotten about the Air Tahiti Nui 787-9. The routes that you can fly with it are just beautiful. I’m definitely gonna be out flying these unused liveries more often now!


Thanks for highlighting the 5 different airliners. I will surely try these. Also, is there way the aircrafts in Infinite Flight can be free? It adds up by the time you add aircrafts. Please raise this with the management/owners. Thanks again!

Interestingly the Tahiti 787 never had that livery! Could definitely use a refresh

Please don’t request to add livery’s to game in this thread :)


air Algeria 737-800 also forgets

Wish they had the actual 787 livery, but it’s still nice!

Air Tahiti Nui operates a 787

I knew all of these liveries and aircraft, never forgotten. But thanks for showing them off for more people to fly!

I’ll take the time to plug the thread for updating the Air Tahiti Nui 787. If it was updated to the correct scheme, I don’t think it would be very forgettable! In real life, it’s a very unique livery rich with Polynesian culture. Right now at least, IF doesn’t do it justice!


The Air Tahiti Nui B789 is my 3rd favorite plane of all time. I mean just look at it.

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The only one I disagree with is the finnair a350. I used that one yesterday on a flight from John F Kennedy to Helsinki.

The Finnair A359 isn’t included with this article. It’s from a different article cover 😉

Welcome to the Community as well!

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@Rylan_S1 wym about the 787 livery ?

He means about the new Air Tahiti Nui livery

Yes this is what I meant!

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Air Tahiti Nui B789 brings back some great memories from when I used to fly it quite often in the years of 2018-2019, flying from Papeete to Paris via Los Angeles. Those were good times indeed.

Looks like they fly the same route but via Vancouver for the Winter Season now before switching back to flying via LAX again in the summer. Might renew my IF sub to take this beauty up in the sky again. I do like fifth freedom flights, so I don’t see why not ;)

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Oh right lol


It’s great that you’re passionate about that particular livery, and believe me, I think it’ll be a great addition to the sim (as with every other livery for that matter). However, this is not the correct time or place to be doing so, as Seb pointed out to you in the Twitch stream chat last weekend, as well as @MJP_27 in a previous comment in this thread. I highly encourage you create a feature request for the livery using the correct formatting guidelines for the category, as there is no existing feature request. I encourage you to continue your support and passion for the livery, and as I said, an Air Algerie 737 would be a great addition to the sim. Thanks!

Features Category Guidelines: About the Features Category

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I remember all, but I don’t really remember the Air Tran boi.