5 Liveries You Forgot Were On Infinite Flight

Blog article by Misha Camp


With almost 800 livery and aircraft combinations on Infinite Flight, flying them all can be a tough challenge. In this article, we offer 5 of our favorite liveries that you may have forgotten were on Infinite Flight!

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Wow, I think I forgot about 3 of those liveries!


Once I wanted to do a flight to Romania, that route was operated only by Tarom. Well, I thought we didn’t had Tarom so I flew to another place :)


As someone who only flew the AirTran livery when using the 737 (before I got pro), I’m pleasantly surprised to find it’s been mentioned here.

Great list Misha! Might give one of these planes a spin sometime in the near future.


Awesome article! Thanks, Misha! I can’t wait to try some of these out!

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Ohh I forgot the Air Tran B737 I flew this so often in my first 2 two months in Infinite Flight. It’s An amazing Livery there comes feelings back from 2014 🥵🤩🛫


So lovely to see my national airline, TAROM getting some attention recently! I’m hoping so much the 737 livery variant in 21.1👀


Lovely blog!!!

Time to try new flights! 👀

I fly routes that are being operating in real life. So i’ll probably never use these aircraft/liveries.

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Ah man anybody else remember the Yakutia Airways Dash 8 in that FNF a long time ago… Better times ):

Thanks for the great article Misha! 🙌

TAROM A318 and Air Tahiti 789: Am I a joke to you


I worded it wrong. I go by a schedule usually in the U.S. It is very rare that I go to any other country in the sim

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That’s so funny! Yesterday I flew the Yakutia Q400! Awesome livery.

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Haven’t forgotten about Air Tahiti nui the flight route is amazing.

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Ayyyy TAROM got some attention, really nice!


Time to get out and about flying them then!


Definitely a nice reminder of how many liveries the team has created over the years - you need a lot of selection to be faced with the issue of some liveries not having as much attention.

Only thing that falls flat for me is that the Air Tahiti Nui livery in the sim is incorrect, since it is my understanding that the current 787 livery in Infinite Flight was on their A340s, and the 787s sport a newer (and imo better looking) livery.