5 injured because of turbulence

Transavia flight from lyon to Tel Aviv has passed through a big turbulence, 5 passengers were injured

https://www.0404.co.il/?p=384163 (The Hebrew article)

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Oh gosh I need to brush up on my Hebrew lol 😂


Lol, the article says exactly what I’ve written here, I linked that because of the video

Unfortunately, these kind of incidents happen every so often, glad everyone will be fine

That must of been some turbulence. Like the 200kn winds over the northern USA right now

Lol, proud to represent my home town of Lyon

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Not to go off topic but another similar incident happened today on a Delta flight. This goes to show like I said previously that these kind of incidents happen from time to time. It is relieving to know that in majority of the turbulence issues, minor injuries are the worst of it.

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