5 day EU hops for Training and Expert servers

5 day EU hops!

Aircraft and Livery: Ryanair B738, Jet2 B738

Route: LBA-PFO (Jet2 only) and returning, LBA-CMF and returning (Jet2 only), LBA-PMI and returning, LBA-TFS and returning and LBA-FAO and returning

Time of Departure:
May 2: 06:15 GMT/02:15 EDT,
May 3: 11:00 GMT/07:00 EDT,
May 4: 05:30 GMT/01:30 EDT,
May 5: 01:00 GMT/21:00 EDT,
May 6: 06:30 GMT/02:30 EDT

Server: Training and Expert Server

Additional Information: LSVA and FRVA only
Expert Server rules also applies on Training Server
Min 2 and max 5 aircrafts on each server (5-10 people each shifts)
Cruising altitude must be 2000 feet below other airplanes

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